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    Hi! At first, thank you for the best addon for healers. However, I have some problems and requests:
    1. Somehow I don't see "wild grow" in buff list. Next, in 3.3.3 there was "my hots" in buff list - "my rejuv" for example. Now I can't see it.
    2. Is it possible to add "Efflorescence" buff? Would be great.
    3. I wish you updated GridIndicatorIconBar. The best thing for resto druid ever. Or, at least, in GridIndicatorSideIcons and GridIndicatorCornerIcons please make it possible to show not icons of my hots, but just colored squares. So that color means time left. I understand, that I have an opportunity to see time in seconds, but for me, color is more... visual. In 3.3.3 I used someting like this:
    4. GridStatusRole. Will it be updated? Now it is not work properly.

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