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    Quote from Akgis
    Thanks for the work on SUF.

    Any chance the warlock soulshards are colored purple or giving us a option to color them ourselves


    I myself prefer not to use the shard bar at all. I find an entire bar to be a less than ideal method to show a simple raw value, {0,1,2, or 3}. With health and power bars, it is useful to see a relative value, how close the player is to either extreme. This is useful for paladin holy power and rogue combo points as well, as the relative amount has an effect. This is not the case for warlock shards. Having three shards or one shard has no consequence on the potency of my next soulburn. I am only interested in the raw value.

    I don't mean to argue for doing away with the shard bar. I am certain many players have an aesthetic preference for the bar, or find the bar to be a preferred method for interpreting the raw value. However,

    I would love to have a text option to display my current shard count on my player unit frame. I ultimately may end up using a poweraura to display this more prominently, but feel it ought to be an available, selectable option in the text pane.

    Is there custom code I could type in presently, to achieve this?

    Edit: Thanks Falcon213.
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