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    KL Encounters appears to be a fork of DXE, but it's also being developed at the speed of molasses. Maybe by the next content patch we'll have updated timers for this patch's bosses.
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    Quote from schizo
    DXE's official release isn't updated for cataclysm 2 months after release, people are downloading sketchy files from pastebin.com, and even so they (and you) are getting tons of LUA errors. I loved DXE in WOTLK too, but it's simply not a reasonable option right now.

    DBM is less customizable but it has the very important distinction of actually WORKING.

    Why do people act like there are only two boss mods out there? I've been using BigWigs while patiently waiting for DXE to update, because like most people I can't stand DBM. I find it's a decent substitute and that the only thing I dearly miss is the boss health panel.

    Though, I must admit that the molasses-like speed at which DXE is updating is very sad. What good is a boss mod that is only accurate after my guild is finished with progression? Yeah we have some heroics left, but for goodness sake, this is getting to be ridiculous.

    I understand that authors work on these mods for free in their spare time as a hobby... but honestly I'm wondering what the point is when your mod lacks the basic functions for which it was designed and can't compete (currently) with other mods already created to do the same thing.

    The expansion's been out for over two months, it's been over a month since the last alpha release and some of the bosses don't even have normal mode support? Is it going to happen with every patch cycle that we have to wait for Deus Vox to complete all the heroic encounters before we see an update for even the normal modes? Is Shefki (or anyone) even working on the mod anymore? I'd think they'd at least put out alpha releases when they added something new. Else, a notice that they're discontinuing the project (at least for public use) would be nice, and maybe someone else could pick it up or we could all make permanent switches to a different mod.

    Regardless, thank you to the author(s) for working so hard on this mod in the past. I absolutely loved it through ToC, ICC and RS, and heralded it to all my friends and guildmates as the, by far, superior boss mod. Especially so due to its frequent updates (a point that stings now). Just a little update (of the mod or about your intentions) every once in a while would be appreciated.

    Also: anything we can do to help? Would transcriptor logs of our boss fights be helpful? Where do we send them?
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    Quote from Dridzt
    I would venture a wild guess that this is a new (4.0.3) bug from trying to fix an old bug :p

    That's in typical (as of late) Blizzard fashion anyway, it usually takes them 2-3 patches to iron out bugs introduced from fixing bugs.

    I would expect that by moving away from the "when it's done" philosophy to a strict deadline,
    their programmers are both overworked and overstressed.
    (no matter how much money a company has, it's impossible to re-allocate resources to any significant extent this close to a deadline).

    The end result is that the beta feels like an alpha (that's what you'd call any product that hard-crashes with c++ errors for silly reasons - like mouse-over pumpkin doodads or recently the vigilance icon) and Live is the actual beta getting tested by some 10 million people :)

    Just be patient and let it reach release-status (shouldn't take more than a couple more mini-patches).

    I'm also pretty sure it was broken (further) as a result of them fixing some macro issues... but as far as I know they've fixed the problem they intended to fix (with trap launcher) and Holy Word: Chastise remains even more unusable than it was before.

    However, I'm not confident that Blizzard even knows about the issue, let alone has it as a priority to fix, regardless of the fact that it's now a main staple of the Holy priest repertoire. Phanx said it was on some list of known issues, but I can't seem to find it anywhere.
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    Quote from Phanx
    Pretty much. It's a known bug in the Blizzard macro parser.

    Is there some reason you can't just do:
    /cast [@mouseover,help] Holy Word: Aspire
    /cast [@mouseover,help] Holy Word: Serenity
    /cast [help] Holy Word: Sanctuary
    /cast [harm] Holy Word: Chastise

    This does not work. Like I mentioned, simply using the name of the spell in a macro (whether in 4 macros or all in 1) simply does nothing. No error, no casting, nothing. What I meant to suggest that this is probably related to the error below. Even the simplest of macros (/cast Holy Word: Aspire) just does not work.

    (BTW, it's slightly irrelevant, but Holy Word: Chastise is a stun, not a heal... so you would want to use harm rather than help.)

    Quote from Phanx
    But I wasn't able to reproduce this, even typing in some totally random spell names that don't actually exist for any class.

    Sorry, I misspoke. That error occurs with the old macro (the solution to this problem which we used prior to 4.0.3). That solution was to put the un-macrod spell somewhere on your bar and then to use a regular mouseover macro for Holy Word: Chastise (/cast [@mouseover] Holy Word: Chastise). The macro would actually cast the corresponding (correct) Holy Word, though the tooltip did not change. This no longer works, and trying to use that macro will give the error I mentioned.

    Is there any chance you can link to me where it says this issue is a known bug? I can't find anything stating that in either the new or old official UI/Macro forums.
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    Deleting my cookies solved all my problems, as you suggested. I searched several help threads and all the FAQs I could find and didn't find this very simple answer... you'd think if it was a common problem it'd be listed somewhere. I can't be the only one with outdated cookies... >.>

    Thanks a bunch, BTW! <3
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    Quote from Phanx
    Numeric IDs only work for items (eg, "item:12345") in macros. They do not work for spells.


    So you say there's no solution until Blizzard comes up with one?
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    Quote from taleden
    Is there no way to cast by spellid?

    This might work since the spells have different IDs. But even if it does, it would still require you to make 4 different macros, use 4 different bar slots and keybind the same ability to four different keys (which is becoming a huge issue as classes aquire more and more abilities).

    The need still exists for an ability to keybind this ability to one button.

    Meanwhile, I will see if spell IDs even work in a macro. I wouldn't be surprised if I get the same "Spell not Learned" error.
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    This would be an extremely niche addon (exclusively for holy priests), but it is SO SORELY NEEDED that I'm going to have to beg someone smarter than myself to design a small addon for it.

    Here's the facts:

    1. Holy priests have an ability called Holy Word: Chastise which (normally) is just an ordinary short-duration stun.
    2. Holy priests have a talent called Chakra which enables the priest to enter various "Chakra states" which buff different types of healing spells. There are four different chakra states:
      • Renew
      • Heal
      • Prayer of Healing
      • Smite
    3. Holy priests have a talent called Revelations which changes the functionality of the spell Holy Word: Chastise based on what Chakra state the priest is in:
      • Holy Word: Aspire for Renew
      • Holy Word: Serenity for Heal
      • Holy Word: Sanctuary for PoH
      • The spell is unchanged for Smite

    The problem:

    There is currently no way to use any of the Holy Word abilities in a mouseover macro (save for HW: Chastise) because none of the spell are actually abilities that exist in the spellbook.

    Prior to 4.0.3, you could McGuyver a mouseover by simply putting "Holy Word: Chastise" in a mouseover macro, while also having the un-macro'd spell on your bar. The tooltip would not change, but you would get the desired spell to work as a mouseover. This functionality was broken with 4.0.3 and no longer works.

    Making a macro for each individual spell and dragging all four onto your bar (not an ideal solution) does not work because, again, these spells do not exist in the spellbook. The error you get when trying to use such a macro is "Spell not Learned."

    So how do we make a mouseover macro for a single spell with a name that is constantly changing? Currently the only solution is to put the basic spell on your bar and use a very jerry-rigged macro that looks like this:

    /tar [@mouseover,exists]
    /click MultiBarLeftButton1

    This is clunky, confusing and prone to failure due to latency and other issues.

    The potential solution:

    What's needed is a very small and simple addon that can monitor what (if any) chakra state a priest is in, and produce the corresponding Holy Word spell. It could be something dragged onto a bar, or it could simply just be something keybound in the regular interface. It could have various targetting options, but the important one would be to include a mouseover target.

    I'd suggest the name "Holy Word: Solution" as a mod name, and feel free to use that name with or without credit to me... or come up with your own name. Doesn't matter to me, I'd just like to see this problem solved.

    Please feel free to contact me for any questions/testing/advice.
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    Posting here because (as I will explain) I cannot login to the wowace forums and I know that this is essentially the same community. Also, I know this probably isn't the appropriate place to post this thread, but I couldn't find a more appropriate one, I have no idea where else to turn...

    Here's the situation:

    1. I am logged in for all wowace.com pages except for the forums under my regular username (Malazee, same as the login for CurseForge). When I go to the forums, I am no longer logged in for some reason and clicking on the "Login" button just seems to refresh the page.

    2. When I try to reply to a post or make a new thread, I am sent to a page and asked to log in. When I try logging in with my username (Malazee) or my email address, I get an error which tells me those usernames do not exist.

    3. When I go to register a new login for the forums, using my email I get an error which tells me that email is already in use.

    4. When I try to have my username/password sent to my email I get an error which tells me that there is no username for that email.

    It seems to me that the website thinks my email is in use only when I try to register for a new username, but that when I try to log in all of a sudden my email/username is invalid. So which is it and why the heck can't I log in?!

    If it helps at all, I'm using the latest version of Firefox, with only the AdBlock Plus addon, on a Windows 7 PC.
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