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    Also I wanted to note that all my mods are up to date and the latest possible versions, I update my mods once every day or two.
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    Quote from Shinja »

    Since 2.4.2:

    2008/05/14 16:04:04-4172-x1]: GrimReaper-2.0 72123\GrimReaper.lua:833: attempt to index upvalue 'schoolColour' (a nil value)
    AceAddon-2.0-57245 (Ace2):926: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceAddon-2.0\AceAddon-2.0.lua:919>
    <in C code>: ?
    AceEvent-2.0-66043 (Ace2):260: in function `TriggerEvent'
    AceEvent-2.0-66043 (Ace2):910: in function <Interface\AddOns\Ace2\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0.lua:903>


    I am also getting this error when I start up wow and it loads the interface. Grim reaper seem to be conflicting with something. Also, there needs to be an option to hide the minimap bubble, because its taking up minimap bubble real-estate and doesnt do anything useful.

    These are the mods I have installed, one of which is undoubtedly conficting with Grim Reaper:

    GrimReaper (Broken)
    XPerl & all plugins

    One of these mods is conflicting with Grim Reaper because it works when I install it by itself.

    Good mod, needs fixing tho.
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    If you are looking for ideas in the customizability area (which bartender 4 lacks at the moment) i suggest you, the author, take a look at infinibar-2.0 on files.wowace.com. it has an awesome amount of customizability and scalability, which i would like bartenders4 to have, but it has a few of its own issues with it considering it doesnt use the blizzard action bars to save spells and abilities and tries to create its own interface for the buttons. The issues I am having with it are different and separate from the issues I have from bartenders 4, i feel that 4 is just lacking in teh customizabilty department.

    I would like:
    1. being able to hide keybindings
    2. a snap-to feature when positioning the bar layouts (center of screen, snap to other bars, etc), OR a feature to set the exact X and Y coordinate along with a way to be able to figure out the width of the bars, so that exact placement on the screen is easier than trying to manually position it with the mouse which is a painstaking process, especialy since u have to do it for each bar on ure screen.
    3. state customization of bars based on macro states (see infinibar2.0)
    4. if at all possible to have the same idea as infinibar2.0 where u create each action bar one at a time and completely customized, because the drawback of using the default blizz action bars to use to hold the buttons and handle the interface actions is that it lacks a LOT of customizability, as you can see with a mod like infinibar2.0.

    I have more faith in this mod than i do for infinibar since the other mod is lacking a lot of common sense features, so I wanted to propose you take a look at it and maybe get a few ideas from it.

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    Hi I just wanted to say I really like this mod and its customizability but i have several issues that need to be resolved for me to continue using it, otherwise I see myself switching to another actionbar mod. Firstly, there is no way to move icons around on the action bars when they are locked without first unchecking the "lock all buttons" option which can be a tedious process when i just need to change a few things around (ie u cant even drag a new button over an old one to replace it while they are locked). This should be changed to resemble the functionality of the default blizzard action bars (even while they are locked). Another problem I have is I am unable to bind my extra mouse buttons to button keybindings, i have 2 extra side mouse buttons on my mouse and I cant bind those to buttons on the action bar. Also, it was WAY too easy to accidentally hit the "delete group" button and have to set up an entire action bar over again. There needs to be a delete confirmation especially with the delete button in such a prominent position on the setup page. And finally, there should be an option to export or save bar settings (individual or all bars) to a settings file, instead of manually having to go through each bar, click "show export", copy and paste it and save it to an external text file. Oh and 1 more thing, theres no option to show/hide bars! lol? the only way to get rid of a bar u dont currently want on ure screen is to delete it, and then hve to reimport it through copy and paste from an external saved textfile to get the bar to show up again (like a bar with daily quest items on it so you dont have to go searching through ure inventory for it, but one that u dont want to show all the time, only while doing dailies). so add a show/hide feature for the bars so u dont have to delete them! lol some of this stuff is common sense...

    anyways, good mod, but until this stuff is changed i will be using something else.
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