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    I upgraded to the latest version of Cartographer off the WoWAce updater and the alt-map mode doesn't work again.

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    posted a message on What is the Cartographer "Alternate Map"?
    Quote from Delphyne »

    This functionality has never worked for me. I guess i just assumed i didn't understand what it was supposed to do, so i just unbound the key.

    I posted a thread a couple of weeks ago asking how to get this feature to work. Then it just started working. Basically, it provides a a completely separate copy of your main map. If you hit alt-map you get your copy, if you hit m you get your normal map. The map seems to always return with what you last had selected rather than the copy you pick from the key, so closing the alt-map will give you your alt-map dispite opening it with the M key

    I use this by having my regular (M) map be small, about 50% of screen size, and about 40% transparent and locked. This way I can steer my mount while my map is up. Alt-map takes me to a 0% transparency, close to full screen map that isn't locked.

    Warning, if you start using this feature and it goes away you'll be stuck here asking questions no one can answer.

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    Quote from hi2chris »

    Bump for justice! I tried looking into other Fubar addons and seeing if i could alter them to work with tracks but i kept getting library errors. Then i tried going back fo TrackerFu but couldn't get that to work either =( i tried.

    The only supported one is Fitzwidget's tracking menu, which even the author of the old ctw_trackingmenu uses. It works fine though I really wish I could set it to only show the tracking menu when you clicked the mini-map icon instead of every time you mouse over it.

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    I love cartographer but I am having an odd problem with it. I have an alt-map key defined in my keyboard mappings yet on half my character I get the second map using the alt-map key and the other half my characters don't get it. I've looked through all the menus at least twice, particularly in the look and feel section but I can't see anything I've missed and copying a configuration from a character where it works doesn't work. Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
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    Any chance of a group change notifier coming soon? I really miss this feature of ctra.

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