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    I was having problems with Playernames, I fixed it by copying the folder Babble-Class-2.2 into the libs for prat, and changing includes.xml found in the libs folder to include the line:

    I don't really know much about the coding, but it seemed that it was missing this file, so I just double checked the paths, found nothing there so set this up. You may not even have to copy over the folder. Hope this helps some of you.

    Having checked versus the backup that AceUpdater generated, it seems that two more libs got discarded in the latest update I did. The other two were Dewdrop-2.0 and FuBarPlugin-2.0.

    FuBarPlugin was also removed from the lib, but Dewdrop wasn't. I'm not sure what me putting them back had for impact, since I didn't check Dewdrop configuration before I did it. Sadly, putting FuBar back didn't fix anything with regards to FuBar.
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