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    Quote from Dridzt
    This is a change in the game sound engine, addons can't do anything about it.

    PlaySoundFile() used to play sounds even with game sounds disabled.
    After 4.0.1 it does not.

    It's on Blizzard's side of things.

    There's a separate addon that tries to 'fake' the pre-4.0.1 behavior by temporarily:
    - turning game sound on when it wants to play a sound,
    - play it then
    - turn it back off,
    but that's far from being a good solution.
    Why would they do something like that? This change from Blizzard is terrible.
    It was so nice to have different sound levels for e.g. BigWigs (loud) and Game Sounds (quite).

    Let's hope they change it back...

    (Well, i shound't have expected anything else from 4.0.1. Its an unofficale beta.... good times :()

    Haven't seen the blue post from 15. October 2010:
    "Nethaera: We are aware of this issue and will be fixing it in an upcoming patch." :)

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    posted a message on Grid2 - What it is, and what it's not
    Is Grid2 dead for good?
    Should we switch back to Grid? Is that even an option?
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    posted a message on [WotLK] LibDogTag 3 No Longer Works...
    I second that. All tags are "Unknown" in WotLK Build 8962.
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    posted a message on InfiniBar-2.0 - Official Thread
    YES!!! :)

    Finally another ActionBar Addon (besides Trinity Bars 2.0) that uses it's own Action Buttons and implements Macro Buttons to add an unlimited amount of loooooong macros! *love*

    going to test it soon... thx alot jjsheets for all the work!
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    posted a message on Official Threat-1.0 error reporting and discussion thread
    Quote from ThePopeRope »

    cut'n paste from the omen threat.
    there is a bug that the healing threat still continue's while having the insignifigant debuf at bloodboil (Black temple boss)

    also think the knockback pushes away to much threat..
    shadowpriests threat continue's to rise during phase 2...

    seems no one is picking this up.. going to browse trough the code myself for a bit.. if i can find anything i'll post it here

    Found something
    ThreatBuffsData.lua contains
    		-- Uncomment this once Insignifigance is in Babble-Spell
    		-- See [url]http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=40618[/url]
    		[BS["Insignifigance"]] = function(self)

    Everything seems fine but it isn't :(

    i've made a fraps pointing it out.. so you can see whats going on.
    It's not a shadowpriest specific error. as you can see my "Soul leech" and "death coil" also generate threat.

    so it must lie in the healing threat handling / global threat

    i see this in code in parseHeal30
    	if not self.ExemptGains[skill] then
    		local handler = self.abilityThreatMods[skill]
    		if handler then
    			threat = handler(self, threat, false, info.isCrit)
    		threat = threat * ThreatLib.ThreatConstants.healing * self:threatMods()

    The self.threadMods contains the modifier of the debuf.. which is 0.. so the result is 0..
    Death Coil however is an ExemptGains.. so it does not follow this line of code..
    i cant find where the exemptgains are handled.

    will look into it some more tomorrow if i find the time

    Quote from Antiarc »

    ExemptGains are handled in the class files themselves.

    What I need is verification that, indeed, skills that are not normally affected by modifiers are in fact modified in this case.

    Quote from ThePopeRope »

    Well i guarantee that on the boss Bloodboil (The only boss that gives that agro debuf) there is absolutely no agro gain in second fase (unless you resist the debuff.. never happened sofar)..

    the thing why it was noticed at some point was because shadow priest became nr1 on agro meters.. but still the boss does not go for them..

    Any update on this topic/bug?
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    posted a message on Ever increasing memory at AH
    I continued my testing and found the reason for my Memory Leak problems:

    TheoryCraft 2 + CowTip

    When these two addons are active a memory leak occures. Therefore it seems that they are incompatible to each other as of patch 2.2
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    posted a message on Ever increasing memory at AH
    I made some tests with deactivating/activating some addons.

    What i figured out:

    with CowTip: Memory Leak
    without CowTip: no Memory Leak

    But I don't know what part of CowTip doesn't work properly. :( I hope other people also noticed this memory leak problem with CowTip and it gets fixed soon.
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    posted a message on Ever increasing memory at AH
    I'm having troubles with my memory too. (since Patch 2.2)
    All my Addons are always up-to-date, but still i get strange memory leak and can't figure out which addon is responsible.

    The memory usage only increases drasticly when i'm performing any kind of action.

    For example: When i'm in a raid and we're fighting some trash mobs... if I attack the mobs too, the memory begins to increase with a rate of 100-150 kb/s. If i don't do anything... just watching my raid fighting the trash pack... nothing happens. just a normal increase rate of maybe 1-4 kb/s.

    The effect of this... after a 4 hour raid my memory usage by addons is at about 380 MB or higher... (and the WoW.exe Task uses more than 850MB of my memory)
    A garbage collection doesn't help! (only reloadUI)

    The problem: when you count all the single addon memory usages together you'd never reach a number as high as the one shown at "Current memory", but the memory is realy in used (wow.exe grows exatly like the current memory value). Thereby I its very hard to fight out which addon is responsible for this mess. :(
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    posted a message on WoWEquip (Official Thread)
    Xinhuan, i love you! ;)

    Great mod, and very solid!
    Almost every functionality i can think of is implemented and i haven't encountered any bugs yet.

    Keep the good work up!
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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    Quote from Jerry »

    Quote from nexus6 »

    Not sure why (maybe when the forums died yesterday the files got nuked) but I can't download the attachments in your post.

    I uploaded them again.

    I tested the patch, and it works as I expected. The issue is that my gameplay and maybe my computer makes it so that I do not experience performance issues with PitBull. I would like people that are having issues to test this patch and report if it did improve things or not.

    If there is sensible improvements, I'll work on a new and improved version of this patch.

    I tested your patch yesterday and noticed an improvement of my performance. But there where some bugs with displaying all debuffs/buffs correctly. Sometimes some type of debuffs (for example 'Shadow Word: Pain', 'Vampiric Touch') just didn't show up at my target. (no debuff filtering enabled... and i'm a shadowpriest) There were also some UI-Error Messages from PitBull, not in the Aura Module but they could be related to the changes you made.

    I'm going to test your patch again this evening (with the newest embedded libraries) hand have closer look at the performance & bugs I noticed yesterday.


    Ok, the lags are definitly reduced with your patch.

    Bug: The icons of the debuffs aren't updated correctly. Sometimes debuffs disapear... but only visualy. When I mouse-over the debuffs i can see the tooltips of "real" debuffs... but their icons don't match. Sometimes there are also strange gaps between the debuffs (some debuffs on one line, some on the second line... but the first line isn't full yet (looks and acts like if there were some invisible debuffs between, but without a tooltip or something))

    I hope this helps you with your further implementation of this Aura-Module-Patch.


    Ah and here's the UI-Error-Message I get:

    PitBull-r45121\PitBull.lua:144: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)

    I don't know if this is related to your patch of the aura module or if it's just a bug with the normal pitbull. :)
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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    Jerry... i wanna have a child from you! :D

    I realy hope it works... i'll try it out this evening (CET) at Archimonde.

    thx alot Jerry
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    posted a message on Post useful/interesting DogTag-1.0 sequences here
    Here's one of my sequences for the display of names in my tooltips.

    It doesn't use the IsPlayerOrPet tag and therefore properly works with UnitFrame-Addons like Grid.
    (When your mouse is over a player @ Grid IsPlayerOrPet sometimes returns 'false', if the player is out of range.)

    • Player, Friendly: Class Color
    • Player, Hostile: Hostile Color (PvP), Class Color (noPvP)
    • Pet, Friendly: Default Color (White)
    • Pet, Hostile: Hostile Color
    • NPC: Hostile Color
    • NPC, Dead: Status Color (Gray)

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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    Ok, i did some testing to figure out if its a problem of the PitBull Aura Module or an Addon conflict.

    I disabled (via Addon Control Panel + ReloadUI) every other Addon but PitBull.

    Still the same thing:
    • If Aura Modul is disabled (or debuffs are disabled @ the target frame) -> no lags.
    • If Aura Modul is enabled and debuffs are enabled @ the target frame -> short lags every 0.3-1.0 seconds (IF the target has a couple of debuffs)
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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    Quote from nexus6 »

    In a raid, out of a raid, doesn't seem to matter... I was out solo watching a guild take down doomwalker, he had 3 full lines of debuffs on him. When I targeted him my FPS HALVED as all the icons loaded. It stabilized after they all loaded but that was a good 3-5 seconds.

    Something is very, very wrong with the aura code. :(

    Same here. When i target something with many debuff theres a 0.5 second lag until the target unitframe with the debuffs is displayed. After that there are laggs all the time. (I think whenever the debuffs change (stacks, etc.)).

    PS: If i enable debuff filtering... the lags get a little bit better. If a disable the whole Aura Module... the lags are gone.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames got borked
    thx alot for all the work andreasg.
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