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    posted a message on Avion - Event driven visual effects (former PowerAura2)
    Can't wait to see this in the trunk, the concept looks very promising.
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    posted a message on ItemRackfu
    Well, since no one seemed to be interested in updating ItemRackFu, I did it myself - or at least tried to.
    My lua-scripting knowledge is near zero but I managed to rewrite the essential parts of ItemRackFu to make it work with Itemrack 2.x+

    Tested only on Itemrack 2.1 and incompatible with any pre-2.0versions. Hope this helps.

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    posted a message on ItemRackfu
    Version 2.1 of Itemrack is now out and ItemrackFu is still lacking support for 2.0+ - could any coder be kind enough look into this?

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    posted a message on Violation
    Quote from Farook »

    Using r44070 I had the problem that I couldn't change color of my window(s), though the option to use module colours was unchecked.

    It stayed in (default) red.

    I'm experiencing the same issue using r45374.

    Also, an option to change the backdrop color/alpha without having to hardcode it in the Violation.lua would be appreciated.

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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    Quote from Razaak »

    I love this addon, and would completely ditch necb with it, if Classtimers could also show the targets Cooldowns like necb does. Could it be possible to add Cooldown support to Classtimer?

    Have a look at Antagonist (http://files.wowace.com/Antagonist/Antagonist.zip).
    It's very flexible and should do the job just fine.
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    posted a message on [request] Ace 2 cooldownpulse
    Quote from Axodious »


    Was wondering if this is still an idea. Or, if Jim would allow someone to remake it in Ace2 and if someone would remake it. Great addon I think, it's just these days I avoid non-Ace2 addons like the plague. :p

    I'm in the same boat - it would be great to see cooldownpulse get "ace2'ed".
    I used cooldownpulse for a while and dropped it in favor of a full-Ace2 based UI.
    Call me a brainless fanboy, I dont care! ;)

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    posted a message on [Request] Druid Addon to check if crits are pushed off the table
    Quote from Mecdemort »

    TankPoints should handle this. It adds a new dropdown item in your character sheet that includes the attack table.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Tankpoint indeed does the job just fine, although it's actually a bit more than I asked for - I'll just keep it disabled when I dont need it.
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    posted a message on Mountme & Charm of Swift Flight
    The Charm of Swift Flight support isn't quite working for me.

    Regular Mount-Trinket support (Crop/Whip) works just fine. It gets equipped when I mount up, unequipped when I dismount.

    The Charm of Swift Flight is not equipped at all when I shift in.
    The only time I've noticed Mountup equipping the charm was when I shifted directly into Flightform off my mount.
    It doesn't unequip the Charm when I shift out of SFF, though.
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    posted a message on [Request] Druid Addon to check if crits are pushed off the table
    Hello dear addon Developers,

    I'm looking for an Addon that simply calculates if my character is critable in the currenty equipped gear, taking talents and Defense/Resilience into Account.
    Additionally, it would be great if the addon could also calculate the amount of missing Defense/Resilience to become uncrittable.

    The formula for this - assuming survival of the fittest specced - is quite simple:

    (Resilience Rating)/104 + (Defense rating)/156 = >1


    I'm sure a lot of Feral-tanks would love to see an addon like this.
    Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on ArkInventory v2.00
    After updating ArkInventory to 44651 today, opening the Rule-editor makes my WoW Client crash hard.
    I've tried disabling all Addons and deleted the ArkInvenotry savedvariables but the error persists.

    WoWBuild: 16898s
    Local Zone: Orgrimmar
    Add Ons: Aloft Antagonist ArkInventory AutoBar AutoProfit Bartender3 BigWigs !BugGrabber BugSack BulkMail2 CastYeller ClassTimer ClearFont2 DruidBar EavesDrop eePanels ElkBuffBars ErrorMonster Expiration FishingAce FuBar_AlchemyFu FuBar_ClockFu FuBar_CorkFu FuBar_DurabilityFu ItemRackFu FuBar_MoneyFu FuBar_PerformanceFu FuBar FuTextures Gladiator Grid ImprovedCamera ItemRack JumpCounter MobHealth MountUp MrPlow NRT Omen OmniCC oRA2 pDebuffList PitBull Postal Quartz RatingBuster sct sctd SimpleCombatLog simpleMinimap SmartyCat Sniff SpellBinder SW_FixLogStrings SW_Stats TinyTip TinyTipExtras WitchHunt XLootMaster XLoot 
    Assertion Failed!
     App:     /Applications/World of Warcraft/World of Warcraft.app
     File:    /Volumes/F2/usrbuild/xb/build/WoW_6898patch2.1.3/WoW/Source/Mac/../../../Engine/Source/Gxu/Gxu.cpp
     Line:    136
     Error Code: 0x85100086
     Time:    2007-07-27 09.05.16 CEST
     Assertion:  minX != maxX
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    posted a message on Quartz: Modular Casting Bar
    After much hesitation, I broke down and rearranged my Pitbull unitframes to work with Quartz today - and boy was it worth it. Excellent job on this addon!

    One question/request remains though, is it possible to anchor the casting bars to different frames? I'd love to have the quartz casting bars following my Pitbull frames whenever I move them around.
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    posted a message on ClassTimer - Official thread
    Quote from Ominous »

    if you give me the debuff name then yes

    The problem here is that the actual stun itself does not show up as a separate debuff.
    When I cast pounce on a target, the target is stunned and afflicted by the 18-second bleed dot - there's no visible "Pounce stun" icon.
    That leads me to believe that it is impossible to track the stun through Classtimers unless you decide to implement it with some sort of workaround that doesn't rely on the new API.
    We all know that this isn't going to happen though... :)
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    posted a message on PitBull - official topic
    I'm unable to hide the 3D-Portraits of my Pitbull Frames since updating from the SVN today. I never had them enabled before either.
    Enabling and disabling the Portraits-module in the Pitbull dewdrop menu makes the backdrop vanish, however the portraits still remain on the unitframes.
    Is this a known bug or should i just wipe my savedvariables and start over? (ouch, please tell me it's a known bug :/)
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    I've recently downloaded Autobar and it's very nice, but I have to say that I find it increasingly frustrating to customize.

    For example, I use Keybindings for my potions on autobar. All my different Health and Mana Potions share two slots and have one keybinding each.
    Now usually when I use health potions, it's time critical and I have to use it immediately - there's no time to choose one from the popup menu during combat.

    My question now: Is there any way to predefine a slot without having to use the item once?
    Being able to set a slot to show a Fel Mana Potion instead of a Super Mana Potion or Major Combat Mana Potion (for example) before the fight without actually having to use one would be great.
    I was hoping that alt/shift/ctrl-clicking an item in the popup menu to rearrange it would work, but no go.
    Maybe I'm missing something?
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    posted a message on Grid
    One question - is it possible to have Grid show a custom icon when a certain condition applies?

    Specifically, I'd like to have Grid show a big innervate icon whenever a unit on Grid is out of mana.

    The slight light-blue border is just too hard to distinguish for me as a feral druid - I don't stare at Grid nearly as much as I used to. :)
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