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    posted a message on Bartender2, ActionBar AddOn for Blizzards default buttons
    I've just replaced my dreaded DAB with Bartender2 and I absolutely love it.

    Looks gorgeous with Dreamlayout enabled and if actually seems to be a tad "faster" than DAB. Shaved a good 3 MB (!) UI memory off too.

    However, I'm wondering if there is any way to set up the second bar (Bar2, it's stacked right above Bar1 to resemble a 24-Button Bar with two Rows. 1, 2, 3 etc for the lower row, shift-1, shift-2, shift3 etc for the upper row) to behave the same way as Bar1 on Shape-Shifting?
    Right now only Bar1 - the "lower row" of my virtual 24-Button Bar - changes when I shift forms.

    PS: Nope, I'm not going to move back to DAB! If it isn't possible do accomplish this with Bartender, I'll just adjust my playstyle. Would be nice if there was a way to make it work though.
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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Awesome Addon, I've been using it for a while now and love it!

    One request though, would it be possible to show the deflicted HP of each person on the squishy monitor hovering in white letters over the person's bar? Or maybe next to it, like the CTRA-EM?

    It would help a lot with choosing the right spellranks.

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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Quote from Kyahx »

    I'm getting this error, allthou I can't pinpoint what is causeing it.

    core.lua:822: attempt to index local `f' (a nil value)

    Here is the debug info it that helps:

    debug: 8:7:y:40:Priest:60

    Same problem here, different line though.

    core.lua:825: attempt to index local `f' (a nil value)

    Using the newest SVN as of now.

    my debug info:

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    posted a message on Squishy 0.10 [2006/08/22]
    Very nice, I can't wait to give it a try during the next raid!

    One question though, is there any way to include targeting in a macro?

    For example I was able to make a macro that targets the top (as in lowest on health) member on the CTRA EM and automatically cast a spell on it.

    for example:

    /script CT_RA_Emergency_TargetMember(1);
    /cast Flash Heal(Rank 4)

    would this be possible with Squishy too?
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