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    A stand alone addon which is visually and functionally equivalent to Blizzard's built in Dungeon finder. You press the Raid Finder button to open up the raid finder. In the raid finder interface, you will select your roles(tank,dps,healer), save your gear rating profiles for those roles, choose optimal or quick group matching, and then, depending on your gear rating profiles, you will be able to select Raids for which to queue. While queued the different addons of the players within the queue will communicate with each other until full raids can be found. The players will receive a message that their raid is ready, and when everyone marks themselves as ready, raid invites will go out, and bang, full raid, no drama, hassle, no effort what-so-ever. Basically the exact same thing as Blizzard's Dungeon Finder, except not cross-server and for Raids. A better way to pug raids. It makes it so the player wants to pug a raid, they will now have a choice outside of sitting in a capital, watching Trade, waiting for a raid to start, or going through the whole painful hassle of trying organize one himself.

    There will be built in anti ninja countermeasures, and the addon will also have advanced metrics such as logging single target dps and non-excessive overhealing hps on all boss fights as alternate gear/skill measurements. It will also do adjustments based on raiding achievements. These are not included in this original alpha/beta release.

    Any bug reports or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    UWorldPvP displays enemy spec and gear rating on mouse over. It warns when untargetted enemies cast spells at you, and shows the approximate location of every enemy player on the server within combat log range of any player with this addon.

    Nearby enemies and their information is placed in a window. The gearscore and inspection mouse over features also work on players of the same faction. In addition, it will also show the percent of their gear rating comes from PvP gear.

    Warning messages are displayed in the middle of the screen when any enemy you are currently in combat with, but not targeting starts to cast a spell. It will also warn when any nearby enemy stealths.

    The mapping feature lets you see the location of any enemy within combat log range or moused over by any player on your faction who has the mod. The position appears as a red dot on your map of the zone. It currently set to only show players seen within the last minute to prevent clutter. If you are able to get a large enough install base for your faction you should pretty much be able to see any player anywhere.

    Notes: Enemy gear rating in PvP zones only works accurately on level 85 players. I'm currently working on expanded BG support and features.

    UWorldPvP is an addon by Threeleft - Daggerspine
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