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    Just what I was looking for, thanks. Using it tonight at raids
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    Thank you for an awesome addon. We have recently started using the ORLIC and we love it.

    I have fielded one request from our guild leader that would make the addon absolutely perfect for us.

    Our raid leader is not involved in our loot process. Since using the addon we have given our master looter the raid leader tag and swapped it back and forth as necessary. While it is not a deal breaker for us, it is an annoyance.

    Would it be possible to have a setting that would enable the start loot for someone other then the raid leader?

    If this is not something you are looking to do with that addon, I would be interested in some guidance for modifying the code so that I may enable this for our guild (Even if it is not clean, and comes with some restrictions on when it can be used, etc.)

    Any help would be appreciated. Again thank you

    Found what I was looking for, incase anyone else is interested
    I remarked out line 83 in Core.lua, this seems to have done the trick.
    -- or (not (IsRaidLeader("player") or IsPartyLeader("player") or (GetNumPartyMembers() + GetNumRaidMembers() == 0)) )
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