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    Hi all. I'm writing an actionbar mod using Masque (v5.1.389). I've used the below lua to add my buttons to a Masque group. If I then select a skin in Masque it will skin my buttons (yay!). The bad news is that once I reload UI or log out then in most skins will not apply until I open masque and change the skin.

    I've so far tried a number of skins and the only one which seems to stick after a reload are "dream" and "zoomed" which came with Masque. I have tried some of the skins which didn't work on Bartender and they seem to work. I tried creating buttons using LibActionButton and using that API to add my buttons to my Masque group and that doesn't work either.

    Am I missing something? Am I meant to be calling some API to tell Masque to skin my buttons? I've tried msqGroup:ReSkin() and it does not help.

    local msqGroup = nil;
    if(Masque) then
    	msqGroup = Masque:Group(self:GetName(), config.name);
    local buttons = {bar:GetChildren()};
    for _,button in ipairs(buttons) do
    	if(msqGroup) then
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