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    Quote from BluHaze

    Speaking of new item tracking, I love this module and would like to have it on full time, but I would also like to see more options available. For example, it'd be nice to have the option to not track new items while you're in a city (or resting, whichever is easiest to code). The reason for this, is personally it seems silly to have stuff that I just pulled out of my mailbox or bank highlighted as new items, when all I did was move them around a bit. Know what I mean?

    What's the purpose of "moving things around a bit" if you're using AdiBags??

    Quote from BluHaze

    The one thing that I really really do miss from Baggins is my Disenchant filter. Essentially this custom filter sorted all of the equipment which was Bind on Equip into its own category. This was amazingly helpful because all of the BoEs that I picked up in my travels could easily be sent to my enchanter for DE, and the rest of the soulbound quest rewards were easily vendored.

    Now they're all clumped together in the armor category, and I find myself slowly examining each items tooltip to see if it's BoE or Soulbound before deciding what to do with it. Then checking the buyback tab at the vendor to make sure I didn't vendor anything I could've DE'd or sold on the auction house, because I'm paranoid like that lol.

    If Adirelle would allow this addon: BindingTheory to overlay as it's surpose to would solve this problem:

    or better yet, implement the feature in AdiBags or optional as a plugin.

    Staying in the same 'ballpark' (overlays)..

    I've used cargBags_Nivaya in the past and actually got the author of the core addon(cargBags),
    make changes to a plugin he did not make(_Nivaya), to implement a feature from a third addon: ReqLevelIcon
    which as name suggests overlays level of item and colors the number respectivly to your toons level (green=usable / red=unusable)

    I know both of these addons are old/outdated but they still work as intended on their own,
    problem is to make them work with AdiBags ;-)

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    Quote from Adirelle
    I don't want to hack my own addon. I'd prefer doing my own, proper implementation but this would require a lot of internal reworking, starting by creating an abstraction layer and throwing out and rewriting most of button and container handling code.

    Hehe ofc not.. wasn't implying you should hack it, was just a point that with a hack, the gui could be fooled.

    I'm well aware that it would require a great deal of work to get it to same standard as AdiBags allready is.

    In context to Hadens question about only inventory being altered and not the bank (which I can't understand why, but that's just me) is it possible to make it with selectable plugins.. like the Outfitter-plugin?


    Or an overall compilation (AdiBags_Total?) where you can (de)select the various 'plugins'/options?

    I know this would be an overwhelming amount of work either way, so I leave the thinking about which solution is best to you, but is it doable in any way?

    Lastly, thanks for a *great* addon.. much better than firstly cargBags (with optional plugin) then gBags which I both loved, but Adibags takes it just the extra mile :cool:
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    although you've stated that vault-support is not in the cards, please look at http://www.wowace.com/addons/guildbankspoofer/ and reconsider..

    GBS is a hack I know, but it seems to be doable

    TIA, Cag
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    Quote from zasy999
    Would love to have the guild bank window look the same as the character bag and bank windows. Its so huge, ugly and unfiltered compared to the awesome ones from AdiBags.
    Note, I'm not asking to be able to remotely view the guild bank(I would NOT want that due to high resource useage), just when its opened to have the same skin and filter options as the character bag and bank windows.
    Otherwise, very very cool indeed.

    Quote from gamemaster128
    It would be nice to have the guild bank look the same, but it's quite a bit more tricky. Each tab can have different permissions and limits placed on them.

    Would love the same thing..

    was thinking if it would be possible to do individual for each tab,
    meaning that each tab would act like a 'one-bag' on it's own,
    so in theory you could have 1-6 different one-bags in the vault and thus still keep the permissions and limits per tab?

    The tabs could easily fit to the right of the heading:
    Guildvault / <GuildName> [1] [2] [3] [4] [+] [+]
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    Quote from rolfba »

    Well trying to point my browser to: http://wow.curse.com/

    gives a:

    So i think its their site :)


    I too have seen the 503 a few times today, but even when I can access their site jWU still says "x with ID y could not be found on [curse]"

    Seemed to have "solved" it by increasing the socket time.
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    Seems that jWU doesn't "play nice" with curse.com atm... it can't find anything on curse, but the other sites work fine.

    this a link/address prob?
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