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    • Item Value Database
    • A lot of people around here enjoy Ludwig/Ludwig SellValue, because the author (Tuller) is highly respected for clean and efficient coding. There is also a pre-populated list for SellValue you can download in the comments section of the mod on WoW Interface. ColaLight and MonetaryValue are Ace2 mods that does this as well, but lack any data initially.

    • AH Addon
    • I can't think of any Ace2 replacement currently designed for this.

    • Fishing
    • Sorry, don't think there is any. You'll have to look for a small, standalone mod for this.

    • Inspect
    • Don't think there is any for this either. Ludwig is a exceptional alternative to lootlink/itemsync/etc for storing item information but for purely expanding inspect information, I still use smurfy's edition of SuperInspect.

    • Tradeskillbar
    • Sorry, I'm not familiar with this. I know there's some various tradeskill mods floating around like cgCrafty, Manufact, TradeskillInfo, Fubar_tcgTradeskills, but you'll have to check em out on your own.
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