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    Quote from dpsgnome
    I was wondering...

    I'm thinking it would be useful to also track HoTs, and basically count the next tick about to happen as the "incoming heal"... That's at most 3 seconds away (regrowth ticks), and more commonly at most 1-2 seconds away, which is in the same time frame as your average healing cast time.

    Am I off my rockers? =)

    Edit: for lifebloom you'd probably only want to look at the tick, not the bloom. it tends to be refreshed before the bloom.

    I would absolutely love this feature. When you have 5k/s of hots rolling on the tank, that's a significant change in how you'll be healing than when you have 1k/sec. This information is quite useful, and this seems to be the appropriate mod to track it.

    It could be a toggle ('Show hots that will tick in the next x.x seconds') for backwards compatibility with existing mods. Or it could be added as a second piece of data that mods can retrieve; this would require mods to update to the new format before they could display hots. Personally, I'd be quite happy with the first (and simpler) option.

    Future possibilities (which could not be backwards compatible) could include estimating the amount of shielding remaining on a player, the amount of reactive healing (PoM, Blood Draining) currently active.

    The negative to this is that it's outside the original purpose for LHC. It was designed to provide information simply unavailable to a typical mod... specifically, how much healing are other people about to do. But a mod COULD track hots if it wanted to.

    On the other hand, I don't know of any mods that DO, and a lot of the supporting code necessary to do this kind of tracking already exists in LHC... the HoT extension would be particularly easy to tack on, and while other mods can track the buffs on a player to get the same information, providing a single source for this data is a big time saver for other mod authors.
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    For a long time Icehud was totally click-transparent, but when you added dog-tags the upper left became clickable... could you fix this? If it was intentional, could you make it optional? I'd like it if IceHud had an option to make it completely click-transparent, including the target info at the bottom.

    Thanks. :-) I have used IceHud ever since I started using Ace mods around a year ago. Thank you for the mod.
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    I'm having some odd bugs when I search for equipment... often it works fine, but sometimes it goes kinda crazy. Such as this example:

    Any idea what could cause that? Why would it ever recommend an item with an extremely low score? Or, perhaps more likely, why is it not including some equipment in the search?
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    Perhaps a debugging option would be appropriate. Turn on debugging, and then alt-click on an item and it tells you where it would filter the given item given its current rules. So items that were 'lost' in baggins, you could open the default bags and alt-click to see where they went, perhaps with a trace output like:

    Matched filter 'Quests'
    Matched subcat 'Quest Items'
    Did not match filter 'Other'
    Did not match subcat 'Other'
    Did not match bag 'All in One'

    It would go in reverse order... listing the specific filters it was tested against, and then the bag category those filters applied to, and finally the bag that those categories were in. With that debugging output, you could look to see if it was not processing some filters, or if some filters were there unexpectedly, etc. You might also have it filter to only show items that it matched, rather than showing all the failures.

    As for why it is happening... perhaps the Other category is filtering based on partial hits? Like, if it matches part of a filter, but not another part? Or if it is matching a filter that is not being used in a bag?
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    Wow, nice to see that Flexbar has gotten a second life. Thank you cnc for your hard work. I'm looking forward to when it's usable... individually controllable buttons, even if they'll no longer move in combat, is something I *really* miss.
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