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    posted a message on Detox default debuff filter
    I added Huhuran's "Wyvern Sting" to only show for warriors. It's a sleep effect on the 10 nearest people that deals damage when cleansed. I think I also added Curse of Tongues to not show for warriors, rogues and hunters.
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    Is it possible to change to radius of the minimap buttons? Especially with the square minimap I'm not completely satisfied with how they are positioned, I'd want them to be a bit more inside the map, closer to the middle. I've been using Squeenix + Visor (and VisorGUI) upto now for my minimap, would be nice to replace those 3 addons with only this one :)
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    posted a message on cr_Viewport (or Viewports the Hard Way)
    Is it possible to use a texture instead of a black box? I've been trying to change a bit in the code to do this, but with no succes so far.
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