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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I'm sorry to bother you, but if been having problems with autobar for a long time now. When I log on i get an error message (also with all other addons turned off) saying: ..\Addons\AutoBar\AutoBarClassBar.lua line 221: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

    I can get in the config but the bars do not show in the screen. Before recently they would appear (partially) after stepping in an instance or teleporting, but since the last update the bars never show. (and yes, enabled is turned on)

    I've tried things like deleting the Cacht and WTF folder but it doesn't seem to help. I'm not that great with technical background thingies in WoW. Maybe i've overlooked it somewhere in this thread, but it's 248 pages long now, so forgive me for posting this. I hope you have an answer for me, because it's the best addon ever, and i really would like it to work.
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