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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Hello all out there, i have made a little box with KG panels wich i want to do the following:

    I would like it to show up if i am missing any of thees buffs.
    Power Word: fortitude or Prayer of Fortitude
    Devine Spirit or Payer of Spirit
    Inner Fire

    In the box i want 3 text's like this
    | Fortitude |
    | Spirit |
    | Inner fire |
    This then shows up when iam missing one of the buffs, the one iam missing is like with gray text the others are white.

    Hope someone can follow me and is willing to help,
    right now i have this script in the box, and that fine but that checs for buffs on boss i want it to check for buffs on me and only show if iam missing, fort, spir og innerfire..

    if UnitExists("target") then
    if (not UnitIsFriend("player","target")) and (UnitLevel("target") ==-1) then
    local i = 1
    local ttw,dam,hit,crit,scorch,wisdom,sw= false,false,false,false,false,false,falde
    local scorchColor = "545454"
    local coeColor = "545454"
    local ttwColor = "545454"
    local hitColor = "545454"
    local critColor = "545454"
    local wisdomColor = "545454"
    local swColor = "545454"
    -- Priest sex!
    local priest1 = "Sentox"
    while true do
    local name,_,_,count,_,_,_,caster = UnitAura("target",i,"HARMFUL")
    if not name then
    elseif (name == "Shadow Word: Pain") and UnitExists(caster) then
    if (UnitName(caster) == priest1) then
    ttw = true
    elseif (name == "Vampiric Touch") and UnitExists(caster) then
    if (UnitName(caster) == priest1) then
    dam = true
    elseif (name == "Shadow Weaving") and UnitExists(caster) then
    if (UnitName(caster) == priest1) then
    sw = true
    elseif ((name == "Misery") or (name == "Elend")) then
    hit = true
    elseif ((name == "Totem of Wrath") or (name == "Totem des Ingrimms")) then
    crit = true
    elseif (name == "Devouring Plague") then
    scorch = true
    elseif (name == "Vampiric Embrace") and UnitExists(caster) then
    if (UnitName(caster) == priest1) then
    wisdom = true
    i = i + 1
    if scorch then
    scorchColor = "ffffff"
    if ttw then
    ttwColor = "ffffff"
    if dam then
    coeColor = "ffffff"
    if hit then
    hitColor = "ffffff"
    if crit then
    critColor = "ffffff"
    if sw then
    swColor = "ffffff"
    if wisdom then
    wisdomColor = "ffffff"
    self.text:SetText('|cff'..ttwColor..'SW:P|r|cff'..coeColor..' VT|r\n|cff'..hitColor..'Misery|r|cff'..wisdomColor..' VE|r\n|cff'..critColor..'Totem|r|cff'..scorchColor..' DP|r\n|cff'..swColor..'SW|r|cff'..swColor..' Lol|r')

    Hope someone can help me, Sentox! if you have any Question or need to know more plx ask i will answer as fast as i can..
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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    Is there anyway to add a new front to Cowtip?

    i would like the front called ABF :-)

    a guide or so would be ace ;)
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    posted a message on CooldownTimers2 - Official Thread

    Ace addon :-)

    but is there anyway to change the BG and border of the cooldownbar,

    i have a black/gray ui so that blue think is argh for my eyes ;)
    if you use quartz just something like that, where you can make the border as you want and make the bg as you want :-)

    that would be very cool, Sentox Shadowpriest Bloodhoof!
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    posted a message on Buffalo_Dreamlayout
    I downloaded this addon but i sux as lua :-)

    What i wanna change you can see in the SS i posted if you dont understand what i try to tell :-)

    * Over my buff and debuff is get small yellow letters, i wanna remove them :-)
    * Give weapon buffs the same "border" as other buff
    Not needed but would like a option to give debuff same border also (the black one)

    If anyone know how to change this, just getting rid of the yellow test would help alot, you dont have to make hte lua, just tell me what to del in the one i use :-)


    Hope to get some help

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    posted a message on Minimap mod
    Looking for a minimap addon just like "simpelminimap" only thing i need more is to be able to change the border color of the minimap :-)

    Stuff i would like to do, Change bordor color, Compassring color, Zonename color, the diffskins simpel minimap has.. etc

    if you know any mods that does that plz tell, or if you know how to make a mod that works with simpleminimap that can change border color, plx tell me how hehe :-)

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    posted a message on Grid
    First of all thnx for a lovely mod! is there anyway to remove the mouse over highligt ? when i mouse over payers in raid they get like a "yellow glow" anyway to remove that ? i cant seem ot find it :(

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    posted a message on CowTip - a tooltip addon - Official Topic
    I use Skinner and Cowtip also, after the last patch i get error ever time a mouse over something adn the border/color of bg does not work, i have tryid to disable skinner's tooptip function but does not seem to work :( cant live without this mod :(

    cant i download the old version somewhere? i can live with that one if its gonna be like this form now on,

    Thnx for a LOVELY mod!
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