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    Hey, I absolutely love the customizability of Gnosis, but there seems to be two things that I'm not able to make it do. I'm a hunter and as of late I've been having to trap in raids. The first thing I've been trying to figure out is how to make a bar for a trap's duration. The cooldown on traps is 30 seconds but the duration they hang out on the ground for is 60 seconds. I can't seem to get a bar to appear for 60 after a trap is dropped. The second thing I'd love to have (but am not hopeful there's a way to actually do it) is to make another bar for when a trap is triggered. I'd imagine for accurate results the trapped target would need to by my focus, but even if I could make a bar for the duration the trap is SUPPOSED to last, I'd be happy. Thanks a bunch, and keep it up with a great addon.
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