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    Does not seem to work, panel just disappears.
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    I figured as much, unfortunately. I suppose me posting was just wishful thinking. I'll tool around and maybe I can hack something together. Perhaps I can Hide() / Show() party panels based on the raid panel I have that resizes based on raid size.

    Regardless, thank you for the timely response. I'll post if I can figure anything out.
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    How does one assign individual panels to party unit frames, with PitBull's dynamic frame naming?

    If I am just in a party, then the party unit frames are named PitBullUnitCluster1UnitButton1-4, if I am in a raid, then those names are assigned to raid member 1-4 unit frames. If I show party frames in raid, they PitBulUnitCluster2UnitButton1-4. If I reload, the names (clusters) switch.

    I would like to keep party unit frames assigned to the party member unit frame individually, and not be assigned to the raid frames, regardless of whether I show party frames in raid or not.

    I tried using PitBullUnitCluster2UnitButton1:IsVisible() but that just kicked out errors on my events.
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    I'm not sure I am grasping the newline syntax/behavior. It seems DogTag will ignore all \n (even consecutive) if there is no actual text to input, preceding them. The behavior is ... strange.

    ["\n\n\n\n\n MaxHP"] = nothing and 11804
    [" \n\n\n\n\n MaxHP"] = nothing and 11804
    [".\n\n\n\n\n MaxHP"] = . plus 5 new lines then 11804
    ["\n\n\n\n\n" HP] = nothing and 11804
    ["\n\n" " " "\n\n\n" HP] = nothing and 11804

    ... however ...

    ["\n\n\n\n\n FractionalHP] = 5 new lines then 11804/11804
    ["\n\n\n\n\n" HP "/" MaxHP] = 5 new lines then 11804/11804

    I don't understand?

    I am trying to use \n to offset text vertically. Or request text offsets like the Aura icon offsets. :D That would rock. ;)
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    Quote from Elkano »
    Astika, if MoS is shown by Blizzard it should show in EBB, too. If not it wont, since it only displays thode als Blizzard displays since they use the same API calls. But I'm currently looking into adding an API for other addons to feed additional bars into EBB.

    I'll log in and see if Blizzard posts it up as a buff, or anything at all. I edit this post to let you know.

    edit: Nothing at all, only change that I can see is Character Sheet tooltip for Melee Damage. :(
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    Quote from Astika »

    Is Master of Subtlety considered a buff? (albeit temporary) ElkBuffBars does not list it after I come out of Stealth.

    Default buffs do not list it either, come to think of it. :(

    Does EBB display MoS, by chance? Just wondering, so I know if I have to try and code something in myself. XD (I heart EBB)
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    posted a message on ElkBuffBars v2 (finally Ace3 version)
    Is Master of Subtlety considered a buff? (albeit temporary) ElkBuffBars does not list it after I come out of Stealth.

    Default buffs do not list it either, come to think of it. :(
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    Quote from OrionShock »

    ok Obvious Questions First,

    -Make Sure you have Cart, Cart_Professions (Included with Cart as a module), Cart_Notes (Also included with cart as a module), Cart_Mining, Cart_Herb installed AND enabled at your login screen.
    -For those who use WAU or LoD Style, make sure that these individual modules are enabled at addons screen.

    now Login to the game. Use this command:
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Professions").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Mining").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Mining").author
    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Herbalism").author

    it should print out : "Chris \"kergoth\" Larson" for all 3 commands

    /print Cartographer:GetModule("Notes").author

    sould print out : "ckknight"

    --if this all has happened then you have the modules installed and enabled properly.

    Open Rock
    ->Notes section:
    make sure that "Show Mini map Icons", and Enabled are Checked.
    ->Professions section:
    Make sure it's Enabled, and your professions are set to the right option; usually "With Profession" is the option you want
    ->Herb/Mining Section:
    -Set Icon Alpha to something like 100%
    -Set Icon Size to 100%
    -Make sure "Enabled
    ->Go into Filters under that profession
    -Make sure that they are all checked / checked for the ones you want atleast.

    if this does nothing then your fk'ed, or something didn't load in the proper sequence.

    Everything is loaded properly, with Cart and Cart_herb just on their own with externals. Did the checklist, and everything reported back fine. With just Cart and Cart_herb installed, new nodes add fine, notes and icons and all. After adding the rest of my AddOns, newly picked nodes will not register, but old ones will display. Always done on clean installs and clean WTF.
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    posted a message on Prat 2.0 Chat Mod Framework (Official Thread)
    When rebuilding my UI (and subsequent compilation) from scratch, I had the joy of redoing all my (loved) Prat options. One thing caught my attention, and not sure why I noticed this before.

    For Fading, the time it takes (by default) is 180 seconds (2 minutes). The current implementation for fading merely sets the duration of the chat line fade itself. Not the length in time one has to wait before the chat line actually fades.

    Might I also suggest implementing/adding :SetTimeVisible, in addition to keeping :SetFadeDuration? Below are the excerpts of the code I've added/modified. Having not completed the localization, AceLocale complains a teeny bit. XD

    L:RegisterTranslations("enUS", function() return {
      ["Fading"] = true,
      ["Chat window text fading options."] = true,
      ["Enable Fading"] = true,
      ["Toggle enabling text fading for each chat window."] = true,
      ["Enable ChatFrame%d Fading"] = true,
      ["Toggle text fading on and off."] = true,
    	["Set Visible Duration"] = true,
    	["Set the time chat lines are visible before fading."] = true,
    	["Set Visible Duration"] = true,
      ["Set the duration of chat lines fading."] = true,
      ["The duration of chat line fade."] = true,
    } end)
    <-more stuff->
    -- define the default db values
    Prat_Fading.defaultDB = {
      on = true,
      textfade = {false, false, false, false, false, false, false},
    	visible = 30,
      duration = 1
    <-little bit more stuff->
    -- add module options not covered by templates
    function Prat_Fading:GetModuleOptions()
      self.moduleOptions = {
        name = L["Fading"],
        desc = L["Chat window text fading options."],
        type = "group",
        args = {
          textfade = {<-text fade per channel stuff->},
          visible = {
            name = L["Set Visible Duration"],
            desc = L["Set the time chat lines are visible before fading."],
            type = "range",
            order = 180,
            get = function() return self.db.profile.visible end,
            set = function(v) self.db.profile.visible = v end,
            min = 1,
            max = 60,
            step = 1
          delay = {
            name = L["Set Fade Duration"],
            desc = L["The duration of chat line fade."],
            type = "range",
            order = 190,
            get = function() return self.db.profile.duration end,
            set = function(v) self.db.profile.duration = v end,
            min = 1,
            max = 60,
            step = 1
      	return self.moduleOptions
    <-some function stuff->
    -- enable/disable fading
    function Prat_Fading:Fade(id,textfade)
      local cf = getglobal("ChatFrame"..id)
      if textfade then

    Sorry if posting something like this here is a faux pas, just wanted to help. ^_^ (Prat has been my staple chat AddOn since it was born.) And while I am on a roll, is there any possible way an option could be coded into the Font option section to change :SetShadowOffset, as in remove the font shadow? 8D (i.e., :SetShadowOffset(0, 0)?

    Thanks again for such an awesome AddOn!
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    posted a message on Changing font of FuBar?
    Quote from Seerah »

    WoW requires that the game be restarted completely before it will load a new file like a texture, font, or addon. That may have been it. /shrug

    Just make sure that the path and files names are exact.

    I think that was it, and I always forget to do it, since I've had the same font forever. As long as the root path is the same, you can change the file name. If you change the path in game, it does not like that so much. (I think.)

    Regardless, thanks. ^_^
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    posted a message on Changing font of FuBar?
    Quote from Seerah »

    Using that method, you don't need your font in a World of Warcraft\Fonts folder. You can use any font you already have in your WoW directory, be it a different one from ClearFont2, SharedMedia, etc. Just put in the correct path.

    hm, I tried it in a sub-directory of Fonts\ and it did not work. Maybe I fat-fingered the code, lol. I was rushing a bit, because I had a reply typed out and hit Enter and it posted half of my reply while I was still coding and /rl the fix.

    text:SetFont("Fonts\\mySpecialFonts\\spiffy_font_01.ttf", 13)

    should work?
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    posted a message on Changing font of FuBar?
    It's because FuBarPlugin-2.0 handles the font for displaying plugin names on FuBar. ;) I've been changing the font color on my FuBar for months, so changing the actual font is not a problem. Keep in mind, I am using ClearFont2 at the same time, so this completely bypasses CF2's settings, which rewrite the SetFont for GameFontNormal.

    AddOn:			FuBarPlugin-2.0 r48269
    File:			FuBarPligin-2.0\FuBarPlugin-2.0.lua
    *comment out old font set method
    Comment Out Line:	1189
    Too Look Like:		--text:SetFontObject(GameFontNormal)
    *change font for FuBar plugins
    Line:			1190
    Insert:			text:SetFont("Fonts\\slkscr.ttf", 13)

    In my case, I used Silkscreen as my test font. The font used has to be in the root of the World of Warcraft\Fonts\ folder.

    FuBar's Rock Config (let's not get in to that can o'worms :p) will handle the font size, regardless of the size you set above, so no worries there.

    I've attached an image that shows the changed font, in action! pewpew.
    Left side is using size 9, right side is using size 15.

    Pixel fonts should not be anti-aliased which is way the left side, albeit small, looks more awesome than the right side. XD


    As seen in the image, FuBar_MoneyFu will not change its font if you change it in FuBarPlugin-2.0, so if you are interested in changing that as well, apply the above method to lines 63, 89, 94, and 99.

    Hope this helps! ^_^
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    posted a message on Text colour in Fubar
    Quote from Yvonne »

    Hmm, well, if you choose no text colour, it will default to golden yellow. Just wondering if that default golden yellow colour can be changed. I will check that font mod you referred to.

    You can change the font color for all the plugins on your FuBar. One color for all of them, I am afraid. I have done it for my compilation's next release.

    AddOn:		FuBarPlugin-2.0
    File:		FuBarPligin-2.0\FuBarPlugin-2.0.lua
    *convert all uncolored text to gray
    Find:		GameFontNormal
    Replace:	GameFontDarkGraySmall
    *remove font/text shadow
    Line:		871
    Insert		self.textFrame:SetShadowOffset(0, 0)
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    posted a message on Fontshadow in WoW
    You can write a global control to strip the font shadows from most, if not all, AddOn elements. The issue lies in that most AddOns implement font shadow by default, with most not implementing the option to remove them.

    I prefer the "flat" font style, and SPARTAN initially started with me simply removing font shadows from my favorite AddOns. With so many AddOns tying in to others and setting global controls, it was easier to do it on a case-by-case basis until I found a better way. (Complete global control parsing through loaded AddOns and setting shadow per preferences.) Currently, I dig in to the code of most AddOns to change a multitude of things, not just font shadows.

    For Prat, I do the below:

    AddOn: Prat
    File: \Prat_Modules\modules\FontSize.lua

    *remove font/text shadow
    Line: 377
    Insert: cf:SetShadowOffset(0, 0)

    *line number can change with AddOn updates, lol
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