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    I just downloaded this mod and it looks really good. I deciding on whether or not to use this for my main atm, a lv66 hunter. I currently use Venantes for my sphere needs and really only a couple minor changes are needed for sphere to be my main or at least leave no doubt as to which to use.

    Basically, as far as I can tell, currently Sphere only allows right-clicking to open button menus, it'd be nice to select which button to use (the addon seems to have this in it but doesn't let me click the button for right-click menu, left-click, or middle-click. I am just used to left-clicking via venantes.

    Also, for us hunters or anyone else who uses a gun or thrown weapons, it'd be nice to put an ammo count somewhere like maybe in place of the text in the sphere center.

    Lastly, whenever I drag anything all the empty buttons (since I use menu mode on all buttons) appear everytime. It'd be nice to make unused buttons invisible and unselectable, a toggle in the options for instance. It just occured to me that there may be a lock feature i missed so sorry if this is already in it.

    Well, thanks!
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