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    posted a message on WoW Matrix?
    Some people might be interested in this:

    I recently found out about WoWMatrix, the controversial issues surrounding it, the fact that my addon (EquipCompare) is available via WoWMatrix and that several authors successfully emailed them to ask their addons to be removed from WoWMatrix's list. I wasn't too happy about the situation either, so I decided to try a little experiment.

    Instead of sending them an email asking them to remove my addon from the list, I have quoted them the following passage from EquipCompare's license terms:
    "If you distribute or re-host this AddOn, either in a compilation or by itself, you must include a link to the AddOn's official page as the author is responsible for maintaining only the official page of the AddOn.",
    and pointed out to them that they do not show a link to the official page anywhere, nor do they make it possible for a user to see the link in any way, and therefore they violate these terms. I have, rather egotistically, demanded that either they comply with the license terms or to remove my addon from WoWMatrix's list. I was aware that their updater program isn't designed to show author names/URLs/links to official pages, so I have fully expected them to just remove EquipCompare from the list, but this is not what happened.

    I was fully surprised to see that they have modified WoWMatrix so that when you right-click on EquipCompare in WoWMatrix, you get a popup menu with a single "Visit Official Page" link that opens EquipCompare's official page in your favourit webbrowser. The amuzing part is that this popup menu appears only for EquipCompare and no other addon.

    I'm not sure what to make of this exactly, but maybe if enough authors demanded that WoWMatrix display (in some form) a link to the official page of the addon, they might make this a universal feature. Whether that'd be good or bad is beyond this post ;-)
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    posted a message on Are you lost? Attempt at an overview/FAQ
    I was confused by a lot of things when I first found out about the wowace transition. Since then I have gone on a fact-finding mission to try and understand what site is what, where do I go and what do I do. A lot of this might be completely obvious to a lot of people, but for me it was an entirely new territorry and therefore I hope this post will be of use.

    1. What's the relationship between WoWAce, Curseforge and Curse?

    WoWAce and Curseforge are intended to be sites for developers, to provide them with the tools they need to maintain their projects. They are not directly intended to be used by end-users.

    Curse on the other hand is intended to be the portal site for end-users where they can get the fruits of the addon authors' labours.

    WoWAce and Curseforge are intended to represent two distinct author communities, with their own culture. They now share a lot of the same software, but maintain their own unique features and flavours.

    An important feature of both WoWAce and Curseforge is that a project that is maintained on either one of them can automatically gets pushed to Curse for end-user consumption. Any project details filled in on a project page on either site can automatically appear on Curse.

    Think of the whole thing like soft drinks: both Coke and Pepsi have their own factories, which consumers don't need to worry about, and both are sold through the same retail outlet, namely your local shop.

    Incidentally, Curseforge has a very nice overview FAQ that I recommend for reading: http://www.curseforge.com/knowledge-base/curse-forge-faq/

    2. As an author, where should I host my addon?

    You can no longer directly host addons on Curse. You either need to host on WoWAce or Curseforge, and get your project to be pushed from there.

    I was told that you do not need to maintain your project on both WoWAce and Curseforge, and in fact you are strongly encouraged to maintain it only on one of them to avoid confusion.

    If you are a new author, you might want to start with:

    3a. As an author, what happened to my project that was formerly hosted on WoWAce?

    The former SVN tree was imported and split up into separate projects under the new WoWAce site. Lot of the imported projects were successfully attributed to their owners. However, lot of them appear as being owned by "wowaceSVN". If that is the case, in order to gain control of a project, you need to claim ownership over it with your WoWAce account. In most cases you do not need to create a new project.

    3b. As an author, what happened to my project that was formerly hosted on Curse.com?

    All projects were imported to Curseforge. From what I understand, you can no longer directly upload files to curse.com.

    4. As a user, where should I get my addons from?

    The best thing is to get your addons from Curse. Things are still in a transitionary period, but eventually both Curseforge and WoWAce hosted addons will appear on Curse for downloading.

    5. How are author account details getting merged between WoWAce and Curseforge?

    I don't have certain details on this, but from what I uderstand, the staff are doing everything they can to merge your WoWAce and Curseforge accounts. In my case I found that I didn't have a WoWAce or Curseforge author account before, but had a working Curse account. That seemed to have been imported to both. The staff are very helpful in manually helping with any account merging issues that arise.

    6. What's happening to files.wowace.com and WoW Ace Updater?

    These are discontinued. The old wowace SVN still exists in a "frozen" state and packaged addons are still available on files.wowace.com for a short period, and WAU still works and will do so for a short period of time, but will disappear very soon. That's the whole idea. End-users who were relying on WAU to get their addons updated will no longer be able to do so. The idea is to remove end-users' direct access as much as possible from WoWAce, and instead retain it as an author community.

    7. So what are my new options?

    Your recommended options are to download addons manually from Curse, or to use the CurseClient software for automatic downloading and updating of your addons. The CurseClient is still work in progress, but is the intended end-user tool for addon downloading.

    You can also download files directly from a project's WoWAce or Curseforge page, but you are likely to encounter more technical mumbo jumbo than you need.
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    posted a message on Controversial portion of CurseClient's License Agreement
    Thank you for the swift reply, that is sufficient for me.
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    posted a message on Controversial portion of CurseClient's License Agreement
    I was installing Curse Client today and reading through the License Agreement, when I came across the following portion. Article I, Section 3., paragraph 3 begins:

    "By Posting any User Content through or to the Web Site you hereby grant on behalf of yourself or the owner of the User Content if not yourself, to Curse, its successors and assigns a royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, sub licensable, perpetual license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, publicly perform, publicly display and create derivative works from, transfer, transmit and distribute such User Content (in whole or part) and/or to incorporate it in other works in any form, media, or technology now known or later developed."

    "Web Site" in this context refers to www.curse.com. This portion of the text is a copy/paste of part of an old Terms of Use that was up on curse.com and created some controversy a while ago.

    I'm no lawyer, and may be misinterpreting things, but the way I understand it is that by accepting this License Agreement, you give the rights described above to Curse even if you publish content to www.curse.com via some means other than the Curse Client. In my interpretation this means that if you host a project on www.curseforge.com or wwww.wowace.com and it gets automatically pushed to www.curse.com, you are affected by the above clause, as long as you are also a user of CurseClient. (This is solely my own personal interpretation and should not be considered sound legal advice)

    I have had assurance from NeT that this is a copy/paste error and it will be fixed in an upcoming version of the CurseClient. In the meantime however, I would advise addon authors to not install the CurseClient and not accept its License Agreement, until its wording is changed.
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    posted a message on [Bug] BigWigs: Bars anchor window doesn't show Test button
    When I enable Plugins->Bars->Show anchor to be able to reposition BigWigs' timer bars, the two small anchor windows that are displayed don't show the Test buttons in their center on one of my characters. On another character of ine the Test buttons show up fine.

    Troubleshooting steps taken:
    Updated BigWigs using WAU. Ensured all other AddOns are disabled, but all BigWigs modules are enabled. Verified that the Extras->Test module is in fact available and working. I wasn't able to discern any difference between the two characters.

    Code analysis:
    I beleive I have (partially) tracked the problem to the following code section in Bars.lua : plugin:OnEnable. Around lines 594 to 598, the code I find is:
     	if BigWigs:HasModule("Test") then
    		testModule = BigWigs:GetModule("Test")
    		testModule = nil

    Debugging this showed that testModule gets set to nil, despite the Test module being available when I check under Extras in BigWigs. testModule is later used inside
    plugin:SetupFrames like this:
    	if not testModule then testbutton:Hide() end 

    thereby explaining the missing Test buttons.

    I don't know why it works on one character but not on another, but it appears to me to be a module load order problem. I am guessing here that the Test module (and therefore the Extras AddOn) needs to have loaded before the Plugins AddOn.
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