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    posted a message on LibNameplate-1.0
    In the Callback page I see this:

    Fires when user mouseover a nameplate.
    Note, use this callback instead of requesting LibNP:GetNameplateByUnit("mouseover") during the UPDATE_MOUSEOVER_UNIT event.

    frame: Nameplate frame

    But in the code I find this:

    local callbackOnHide = "LibNameplate_RecycleNameplate"
    local callbackOnShow = "LibNameplate_NewNameplate"
    local callbackFoundGUID = "LibNameplate_FoundGUID"
    local callbackOnTarget = "LibNameplate_TargetNameplate"
    local callbackHealthChanged = "LibNameplate_HealthChange"
    local callbackCombatChanged = "LibNameplate_CombatChange"
    local callbackThreatChanged = "LibNameplate_ThreatChange"

    And no support for LibNameplate_MouseoverNameplate. I missed something, or Callback page need upgrade?
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