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    Quote from aftersoft >>

    So, i've successfully merged all the files in this topic. Final file contains around 3.5k nodes for different professions (There are no duplicates, they are all unique). 


    UPDATE: Updating Addon Structure, will reupload link soon


    UPDATE #2: The link is now live. I've merged original addon data, with data provided by the users in this topic. Just unzip this folder into your Interface/Addons directory and then import the data in game as you would normally do. 

    To be honest, im pretty happy with the result




    Long story short....

    I've decided to make a website where you can simply upload your GatherMate2.lua and get archive with latest nodes (your data + original data + other users data).


    Here it is: https://gathermate.freedomcore.ru/

    Thanks for the data
    I've unzipped the folder into the interface/addon folder but the 'import' option in the addon is still grayed out. Anything I'm doing wrong?
    Tracing my steps:
    Put the 'GatherMate2_data' folder in Interface>addons
    Went in game to to import tab, but its all grayed out.
    Edit - took me awhile but I figured it out
    Sorry for the hassle!
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