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    posted a message on Aura Frames - Official Thread
    Hello Beautiuz.
    Is there a way to set the filter for a custom icd on a trinket for exemple ?
    Something like this :
    - if i've got the buff "Volcanic Destruction"
    - start a timer that act like a cooldown of 45sec
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    posted a message on ArkInventory v3
    Sorry if my question have been asked before. (certainly when we see the size of the thread before this version)

    In french, there's an argument whish put me down a problem.
    "tenu(e) en main gauche"
    I don't know how to insert the parenthesis in my rules..
    Is there a solution ?

    the rules in question is:
    tooltip( tenu(e) en main gauche)
    of course, it doesn't work.
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    posted a message on [Pitbull]Raid icon IS target

    I've found a module for grid (GridStatusRaidIcons),
    that seem to be very interesting for pitbull.

    The hability to place the raid icon that the unit is targeting.
    Simple and very usefull in a raid frame.
    For the raid leader to have a quick look, what's going on,
    and for the DD, a liitle lost in this kind of encounter.

    Of course, if someone is interesting to doing this project,
    I can participate a little ifor the translation of the frFR localisation.
    That's the most I can do :/
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    posted a message on XLoot
    The link is broken. Is ti possible to have a valid one ? Thanks
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread
    Thanks for the fast reply.

    With this in mind. I can' forgive this idea that make me mad for about 3 days. XD

    By the way,
    very nice addon,
    since DART, i've abandonned, to have a sweet UI.
    Thanks to offer your time, for our.
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    posted a message on kgPanels Offical Thread

    I've read all of the 30 pages. (perhaps wtih not all my attention)
    but I don't find the script I want, or at least, someting that help me.

    I want to assign the focus of my target, when I left clic on a panel.
    And, if possible, when I right clic on another panel, remove my focus.
    This panel are on my pitbullframes, and I want to keep my right clic menu for my target.

    I'm a newbie in lua, and with all the API presented in the wowwiki,
    I'm a bit lose :(
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    posted a message on [Tradeskill] Who craft this damn belt ?
    I have shame.

    NoteUneed do this job not like I want, but it's enough. (just something that I don't understand with quick notes with links in prat)

    Sorry for my useless post.

    Someone have a rope ?
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    posted a message on [Tradeskill] Who craft this damn belt ?
    Well, the solution that you propose Phanx, seems to be the more appropriate.

    I have an addon wich I use to take some notes with, (noteuneed)
    but, hard to manage with general notes insert in it.
    I'll use Cirk's Notebook, dedicated to note my favorites crafters.
    It seems to be a good alternative.

    I don't know if I don't understand what you said,
    or if it's you, that you don't understand what I try to ask. (the most probable, with my skill in english :p )
    But I don't want to have the recipes of my guild.
    By the way, we use rpgo character profiler in association with wowroster that you mentioned, for upload the game data.
    Moreover, very hard to make hear reason to members of my guild that it is good thing.

    And for the crafts of all my alts (I have 3 lvl 70),
    I use Professionbook, to see the crafts offline.

    A bit disapointed, but for an addon that it seems to interest only me,
    I'll don't insist any more.

    Thanks to all.
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    posted a message on [Tradeskill] Who craft this damn belt ?
    I think you are agree with me, when I said that it is complicated to do this.

    It is already hard to impose an addon in a guild,
    how can I do this, with someone, that I've not a really affinity with him. (with a 30+ sellers, for now)

    How can I to do that with all my sellers ?

    really impossible.

    If it hold only on me, no problem for this solution. (Guild craft, moreover, I've tested before posting but it not fit with my case)

    In fact, I'm thinking to note all of this in excel doc,
    because, in this period, I really need to have friend list for another things. (lot of PU for our raid in holidays XD)
    But, before to do this, I prefer try to have an InGame solution.

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    posted a message on [Tradeskill] Who craft this damn belt ?

    Sorry, if this idea is not one,
    and the addon already exist,

    I want to create a DB of interesting craft with the persons whom crafting this items.
    I know that kind of thing, exist for guild,
    but what I'm searching, is the possibility to add someone manually.
    My friend list is completely saturate with persons, who are not really "friends",

    At least, the best thing, is to use a library that have already all the items listed (and recipes for reagents) ... perhaps periodic table ??? , I don't really know much about that,
    with a search capability.
    But for now, my wish, is just an addon, with notes.
    Criteria : Name of the item, Name of the crafter, a note (how much it take for this, for example)
    My primary requests to enhance this, is to sort any criterion (?) and to see the reagents use for crafting.

    Voil? :)
    Thanks to heard me.

    PS: Sorry for the limited words used.

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    posted a message on CowTip 2.0
    Hello !

    Sorry if this subject has be already suggested. (I've searched, maybe not with the good keywords)

    Is it possible that you can add an option for showing the buff/debuff ?

    Very usefull for the warlocks.
    Just for that, I'm using tip buddy for my warlock.
    For the others characters that I have, I'm using Cow tip... silly.

    Thanks to hear me.

    Keep up the good work.
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    posted a message on BanzaiAlert - aggro notifications
    Hi !

    It's not really a feature request, because I don't think that's a thing that most want to see,
    in this way, I tell someone who can give me the trick to do this :

    I want to see (if it's possible) when a PC (in contrario of a NPC)
    aggro me.
    A thing like "PVP : Unitname".
    I don't want a separate option in the absolute of course, and if it's permanent,
    it's not really annoying for me.

    If you don't understand what I've said,
    tell me, I'll trying to explain this with much efforts.

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    posted a message on FuBar - ChatAlertsFu (official thread)
    A nice feature to implement,
    is to choose for every alert what SCT use (already here but ...) and where (Scroll area).

    For the parrot support.
    I use the sink lib.
    In line 4, I replace the existant with
    ChatAlertsFu = AceLibrary("AceAddon-2.0"):new("AceEvent-2.0", "AceHook-2.1","AceConsole-2.0","FuBarPlugin-2.0","AceDB-2.0","Sink-1.0")

    and for the rest,
    I've just replace the BlizzSCT support with the sink one.
    In line 763, I'm replacing the conditionnal with this one:
     if "Sink-1.0" then
       function ChatAlertsFu:BlizzardSCTmsg(msg, r, g, b)
        self:Pour(msg, r, g, b);

    and for the esthetism:
    in the aproximate line 985,
    I change this :
         if self.BlizzardSCTmsg then
          scrollOptions.args[k]["args"]["blizz"] = {
            type = "toggle",
            name = "My SCT",
            desc = "Use the personalized SCT.",

    Hum hum,
    very ugly,
    but it work for me.
    I'm not a programmer and I didn't touch any language. (oh yes, GOTO with a TO7 in the the early stage of my life).
    I'm just a gamer who is completely nuts with the WOW addons.
    I'm sure that a more acuurate person can implement this in a good way.
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