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    Hi all. I have a hunch about why Professor Putricide isn't being logged.

    HeadCount tracks boss events generically. For example, when fighting the Blood Princes, each Prince (Valanar, Keleseth, Taldaram) are added to a single boss event. When all three are dead, the boss event is complete since all three were logged as bosses during player combat and when the event ends, all three are dead.

    For Professor Putricide, he fights during phase 1 (up to second Tear Gas event) as small undead Putricide. Then, following the second Tear Gas event, he turns into big undead shambler Putricide. My hunch is that both Putricides during a single encounter have different creature guids (global universal identifiers). The second Putricide dies (big shambler), but the first one doesn't (since he transforms). The boss event has both guids logged for the single combat log (similar to 3 guids for the Blood Princes) so when combat ends, HeadCount thinks no boss kill should be logged (since all bosses didn't die for the encounter).

    Can someone attach a combatlog of a single Professor Putricide kill to confirm this?

    If this is the case, some sort of special handling will have to be done to manage this double guid scenario.

    Edit: Might have leaped before I looked. I browsed through an attached combat log and it looks like the guid doesn't change. No dice.
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    Quote from Wondermaker
    This addon works wonder but I am having a problem.
    I need to sort loot after the boss it drops from. Is there any function to sort loot after what boss drops it ??

    I have looked at the XML raide export function and can see it adds the boss the loot drops from, but it's not read friendly to read true all loot before I can see what drops came off the first boss in the raide.

                <name>Burdened Shoulderplates</name>
                <source>Trash mob</source>
                <note />
    This was a loot from Gothik the Harvester, but sins we hade killed the next mob (to speed up the run time) the loot was registeret to a trash mob. Can it be done so all loot will be bound to last boss kill and then get a feild to register if the loot was a trash loot ?

    A work ticket request is open to allow for user interface sorting of the loot panel, but there is no timetable for including this functionality.

    If loot is to be automatically bound to the last killed boss, then accuracy would be lost for items looted off of trash mobs. The opposite problem is occurring now where loot is determined to be a trash mob when it was actually from a previous boss. None of this is ideal.

    The entire problem stems from the fact there is no simple way to determine the loot source from an item (Trash mob, specific mob, boss) given the current Blizzard API (nonexposed information and out of range issues).

    The XML format isn't sorted internally, but since the content is stored generically, it can be stored as needed in an external way and manipulated to be sorted (via a database lookup, flat file lookup, or XML transformations).

    The next release will include minimal functionality changes. I'm waiting for the next patch to be released to determine API changes and include Ulduar in the zone listing.
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    Quote from richardeholder
    This add-on does so much, but accessing and learning the commands is a bit tedios. Is there a method or location to obtain all of the available commands and options in a single list?

    You can access commands via the command line:

    /headcount or /hc

    or via the minimap button (looks like a skull) by right clicking to open the dropdown menu.

    In terms of listing all available commands:
    * There is an open ticket to add the options to the Blizzard addon user interface options menu (no timetable for addition).
    * I have started work on including a readme text file with the addon package that documents what I've done so far.

    In terms of commands, HeadCount should just "work" out of the box. The only command most users may want to update is the timezone slider to get the display to display the current date/time for your current timezone (or the server's timezone) depending on your preference.

    In terms of popular configuration commands to try out:

    Enabling automatic group selection (/hc raid groupsetup autogrouping) - The addon will automatically set the raid list and wait list groups depending on what raid instance you are in (i.e. - Normal Naxxramas (10-man) vs. Zul'Gurub (20-man) vs. Heroic Naxxrams (25-man) vs. Molten Core (40-man)). As an example, if automatic group selection is enabled, when you enter 10-man Naxxramas, players in party groups 1 and 2 would be marked as raid list player whereas players in party groups 3 through 8 would be marked as wait list players.

    Date format (/hc datetime dateformat) - Display dates in various formats depending on your preference.

    Time zone (/hc datetime timezone) - Display date/time for your or the server time zone.

    Loot popup (/hc loot popup) - Enable or disable popup of the loot management window whenever a piece of loot is distributed. Many users like this because they can enter in loot notes or how much a piece of loot cost (DKP) as it is distributed rather than at a later point.
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    Quote from respawn93
    I got a problem wen i write /headcount gui it comes up an error
    <Interface\Addons\HeadCountFrames.lua:303: attempt to index local 'raidTracker' (a nil value)> i have tryed to reinstalled it a few times but it didnt work

    It's hard to say without knowing your addon setup or version you are currently using. I would do the following:

    1. Make sure you are using the latest version. I would recommend to download this off any of the main web site download pages.
    2. Make sure all of your other addons are up to date. HeadCount requires certain libraries to work properly and if other addons are installed that use older version of those addons, bad things can occur.

    When HeadCount fails horribly (nothing works), it is usually due to version incompatibilities or missing libraries, one way or the other.
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    Quote from bylly99
    Is any way to change the wisper message for the wait list.. i`m trying to find a command but nothing yet.. if anyone know`s it yet would be nice to share it.


    I don't understand your question. What are you trying to modify?

    * The keyword (wl)? This would require some code hacking and, while possible, is not recommended at this time.
    * The commands (add, remove, contact, etc.) - Same as keyword above.
    * The automatic responses to whispers - This can be modified by changing the messages in the locale files. When upgrading to a newer version, your changes may be overwritten so I would recommend backing them up.
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    Quote from Lastbreath
    M8 good addon but can u add Merge option for raids so we can merge 2 raids. Also when i export it shows the total time that ppl have been on raid but the start and leave its shows 00.00. tnx

    This is something a lot of people are interested in, and I think it provides a lot of value.

    Unfortunately, I do not have available time to work on any major features at this time. For the known future, I will only be releasing small updates for needed bug fixes, WoW version updates, and instance additions (Ulduar).
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    Quote from Hjalte
    When people leave the raid from group 6-8 (wait list groups) and then whisper me "wl add", Headcount often replies to them that they are already on the waiting list.

    I've tried making them wait 10 seconds, which is how often Headcount updates, but Headcount will still report them as already on the wait list.

    For a previous post: I would actually really like to calculate and display statistics in the mod itself, but this isn't going to happen for awhile due to lack of time and the massive change that would be required in changing the UI - which is the work I hate most when developing a WoW addon :).

    Regarding, the wait list, the reason those users are receiving the message is because they are already on the wait list. Users can get on the wait list by one of two methods:

    * Automatically: Player is in the raid in a wait list party group.
    * Manually: Player whispered the addon owner, 'wl add', to join the wait list.

    Users can be taken off the wait list by one of two methods:
    * Automatically: Player is in the raid and gets moved to a raid list party group (assuming automatic removal configuration option is enabled).
    * Manually: Player whispered the addon owner, 'wl remove', to leave the wait list.

    If a player is on the wait list, they will remain on the wait list even if they leave the actual raid.
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    Quote from Ironmase47
    Is there any way to add "Bank" to a list of attendees, so it would could receive part of the DKP in a zero-sum system?

    If not, perhaps that could be an added function in the future?

    This seems like something that should be possible with EQdkp configuration. I remember the zero-sum checkbox in EQdkp, but never used it myself. Could this be handled with their configuration (dummy Bank character)?
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    Thanks for the heads-up. I tried contacting the author of the Fan Update awhile back, but received no response. I also tried reporting the issue on Curse but no one responded. I'll try contacting the author one more time and if I don't hear back from him within a week or two, I'll contact the admins again.

    Web applications like EQdkp, EQdkp Plus, DKPBoard, and a number of others present raid data statistics in a number of ways. I know there are some current users of HeadCount who parse their own statistics in Excel or their own custom applications. However, currently, HeadCount does not process its own internal statistics about tracked event data other with some exceptions (time totals and some others).
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    Quote from magesh
    i wrote these to comments part on main addon page, i will copy paste here because i am not sure if it was seen.

    "i have several stuff in mind, however i dont know how much they are implementable. Let me begin.

    1) It would be better if we could see the long term activity of a player, when we click on his/her name in the list(At the moment, it shows how long that person was in this current raid which i personally dont find very useful but it is not so bad either). Instead of showing data like "Name, Guild, Level, Gender, Race" which has no use for tracking the activity, you can add a string like RRRMRRRWRM. This string is for last 10 raids (you can do even more raids in this format), R= Joined to Raid, M= Missed Raid, W=Was in waitlist. you can also add other stuff for replaced or whatever. But this can help a guild leader to see how active that person is with one click on the name of the person. I admit this string is a simple idea, if you have better idea which shows activity better and simple, you can implement that as well.

    2) It would be very good to have synchronization between the class leaders/officers/gm who are all using this addon. So that if any of these people gets "wl add" whisper for being added to wait list, it will update waiting list on all officers team's addons.

    3) Binding names of the alts with a main character would also be very useful. because some people would like to join waiting list with their alt chars. "

    There is a ticket open for historical statistics, but I don't have time to work on this for the short term. This could be expanded to parse and calculate statistics for any number of things, but needs proper planning and resources.

    Defining alts would be nice in the addon itself, but there are many different alt tracking options outside of the game (CTRT Import Plugin does this) to manage this as well. There is a ticket open for this issue though.
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    Quote from Basti53

    Just a little request for the output:

    My guild is using some short of mainspec, offspec, trash, DE and bank loot rules.

    Means your choose your spec (ret pala for example), and if a ret pala item drops, you and every other Ret pala + Other people that can use that item for their main spec can roll. If you get something for your mainspec, you cant roll on another main spec item until everyone else have got one or pass on it.

    Pretty much the same for offspec. Trash is for everyone, DE and Bank is pretty clear ;)

    Now people got short memory, and quickly forget if they got anything during the raid week already.
    Plan was to use a addon to count who got what, and put it on our forums.

    We tried NRT and headcount so far. NRT have the + that it shows the notes you typed in for a item, but it isnt really the best for it, as it have notes for every item, instead of a item + player that got it. Means if "Gloves of pwnage" drops, and i get is as mainspec and type it into NRT, and someone else get the same item as offspec, it whould say for both mainspec or offspec, whatever i typed in last.

    Headcount dosent show notes at all in the output, and thats the only problem with it.

    So i wonder, seppyk, can you please just add a small option to allow notes showed for the PHPBB export? Thats pretty much all we need.

    Whould be even nice to have loot shorted by player, so everyone can see right away what items someone got.

    Thanks :)

    1. Loot notes are shown in the loot management screen and possibly in the tool tips as well if I recall correctly. I agree it would be nice to include this information on the main display though.

    2. Notes are already included in the phpBB export strings per loot.

    3. There is an open ticket for loot sorting, but I do not have a timetable as to when I will get to this change.
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    Quote from DLFaust
    I'm curious if there was any further consideration for the sync feature discussed earlier in the thread. The problem we're facing is that we have a raid leader handling loot via master looting and the raid continues clearing the instance. This means that loot events are often missed by the master looter's instance of HC but are captured by another. We then have to merge XML exports to get a complete picture of the run or manually add individual items (thanks for that element!).

    The sync feature would also provide some redundancy for the hard crash situation also discussed earlier when an entire loot log is lost. Reloading the UI periodically is possible but other mods such as our DKP tools may not recover as well as HC is currently.

    Another consideration would be to provide an API for receiving loot events and costs. We could add something to DKPmon/Bidder (the loot mods we use) to send HC a message as loot is awarded. We like the UI and overall tracking HC provides.

    If any of this has merit, I'm happy to write up the appropriate ticket(s).

    I would like to add synchronization. Probably loot synchronization would be the most sensible thing to do first due to the range limitations. However, I just don't have the same amount of time to work on the addon as I used, so this isn't a priority at this time.
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    Version 1.5.6
    * Added boss kill group attendance configuration.
    * Added boss kill snapshot attendee removal.
    * Added optional note to to wait list add whisper command.
    * Added wait list contact note whisper command.
    * Added wait list information to XML export format.
    * Added wait list whisper notification configuration option.
    * Added refresh button for export screen.
    * Added returns and feeds for all export string lines.

    1. Users can define which players are automatically included for attendance in a boss kill.

    2. Wait list functionality was added for users to add contact notes.

    There were be fewer releases for awhile due to real-life commitments. I will update sooner if any major bugs are found or if new instances are added.

    If a developer is interested in pushing more active feature content, please feel free to message me if you are interested in joining development.
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    Quote from Manzotin
    Hi there seppyk, first of all let me thank you for the awesome work you're doing on this addon.

    I have a question and a feature suggestion for you, regarding the waitlist feature:
    Currently, when someone joins manually the waiting list, he has immediately the End Time being set as the Start time, and the Wait list time under "Time Information" in the Member information is stuck on 00:00:00. If a member currently in waitlist is invited, the "End Time" disappear, the Start Time remains the one when he joined the waiting list, and on the raid end the total time displays only the amount of time he's actually been in the active raid (and not the one he was also in waitlist) . Is the time tracking for waitlist "spots" not fully implemented yet, or am I doing something wrong? I tried with both disabling and enabling the waitlisttime function in /headcount datetime timetotals, but the result is the same.

    it would be nice, as another option for the guys in wait list, to have something like a "wl contact" option, so that they can whisper in example the name of one of the alt characters they will be found on, or something like Ventrilo, or IRC. This would actually allow the raid leaders to know where to contact the guy if he's needed without forcing someone in wait list to necessarily stay logged on their main character.
    Of course the "contact" method should be also displayed somewhere, could be in example in brackets when the wait list is listed.
    Should the stuff I wrote be confusing, I am sorry, here's a simple example of what I mean:
    - Wally enter wait list with "wl add"
    - After a while Wally decide to watch a movie, but he will be available for raid and can be called on Ventrilo should he be needed.
    - Wally whispers "wl contact Ventrilo"
    - After a while the raid leaders need a replacement for a raider, the waitlist is listed and the string would show something like: [Headcount] Wait List: Bob, Wally (contact - Ventrilo), Rob

    The start and end time is the same because there's no simple way to determine the start and end times for a raid member if they are not in the raid itself. The only things that the addon can be aware of in terms of the raid is when the player joins the wait list (and in turn the raid). I guess a workaround to determine total wait list time would be doing a difference between when the raid ends and when the player joined the wait list via whisper.

    I'll see what I can do about allowing the user to define a short note or contact name when they add themselves.
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    Quote from Accident84
    Hopefully this is the right place, I have some suggestions and questions. :)

    Related to the above ticket, manual raid events or "snapshots" would be great. We currently award an "on-time" bonus for people in the raid group 5 minutes before the raid is scheduled to begin. We can manually create the event on our website, but the ability to snapshot the raid at any given time and name the event would be awesome.

    Currently we use whisperbid for our bidding needs. And it works alright. Something largely similar built into headcount, but with the ability to set custom "opening bidding" messages, a minimum overbid amount, and a minimum starting bid would be nice.

    With the waitlist, I would like to see the ability to have members on the waitlist be awarded the hourly value, boss kill value, or both. I haven't gotten a chance to test it very much, but I didn't see an option related to that.

    A few other waitlist features I'd like to see are...
    -Automatic purging
    If someone on the waitlist goes offline for more then time period they are automatically removed from the waitlist.

    -"afk checks"
    The ability to send whispers to every person on the waitlist along the lines of, "Are you there?". If they don't reply with, "yes" (or somesuch) they are removed from the waitlist.

    Yea, the events structure would have to be modified to allow manual snapshots to occur. I don't have a timetable for this right now.

    There is a ticket open for bidding support, but that seems more useful for a standalone mod. I know integration would be nice, but it's a low priority at this time.

    There is another open ticket which will be addressed soon (next release) so users can define who automatically is given credit for a boss kill. Currently, only members in raid list groups are given credit, but the modification will allow the user to define which groups of players are automatically given credit. This would allow standby players to get some credit for attending a boss kill.

    Automatic purging is not possible since there is no simple, consistent and generic method to determine if a player goes offline if they are outside of the raid group.

    I agree with the use of making a wait list AFK check. I'd like to do this eventually.

    Feel free to add feature requests as tickets:
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