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    posted a message on idChat2
    Hey Ind,
    Think you can add options to editbox that allows for autohide off as well as removing the texture around the box. How confab does it. I would also recommend the ability to change the string format for things like channelnames and timestamps.

    Thanks in Advance,
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    posted a message on Titan Panel
    Great clean-up. Titain* (= runs very smooth. Is it possible to have both the top and bottom panel at the same time. I can't seem to get it to have single bar on top and a single bar on bottom. (I just think the double bar is ugly and sometimes I need the extra space).
    I also noticed a hitch when you hide/put something on while using the top bar it pops back up to the top. (I think someone else mentioned this).

    Thanks for the Great Work
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