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    Quote from reale »

    Thank you for the check boxes, one more for you:

    When you have loot quest items and loot white items checked, you get errors for things like daily heroic items. Magnet loots the item with the white rule then quest rule so fast that you get an error stating you can only loot that item once. Maybe logic to loot quest item first, then white item. For most cases if you leave white on but turn off quest, it works just fine for quest items, but if a quest item was another color you had deselected, it may give you trouble.

    Looking forward to solo/party/raid function (if you add it)

    :) You're welcome!

    Well I have no experience about dailies :( I can't play in retail anymore... but I can try to fix the bug for you :D all I'd need is some error output, it'd be awesome if you could grab the error using buggrabber or something, to be honest, I don't even know how do you guys catch the Lua errors outside the game xD.

    Yup, those configs are on my to-do list. This weekend has been a rough one on me :) (you have to blame Call of Duty 4! I just finished it half an hour ago xD... GREAT GAME :D)

    Quote from Harwel »

    Agreed, this would make this addon very useful to me. In the current whitelist mode, not so much. I generally autoloot everything but would love to leave behind crap like Fish Oil and Shiny Fish Scales in heroic SP for example. :P

    Blacklisting is on my to-do, it's gonna be quite tricky to add... but I'll do anything possible to add it.

    Quote from jmrwhoisspy »

    Bug report: Unless disabled is checked first under loot quality, ace3 will error out when you try and check off green,blue, etc.

    Comment: Why have a disabled? If none are checked, isn't the effect the same?

    Working well otherwise!


    Hmm, is it possible you can provide a screenshot or Lua error on that one? I've never had it happen on me, but I can try to fix it if you can do so :).

    I included the Disabled function in the checkbox group because I want Magnet to be -fast-. The algorithm is gotta be fast so you don't lose time while it checks for your preferences and you may end up losing the loot because somebody else shift-clicked/autolooted the mob (when in party/raid). I only do a check for Disabled, and if it is false, THEN I'll check for the other loot quality options.

    I'm paranoid though, the time it takes to do that might not be much of a difference, but don't want it to lose time/CPU cycles checking for unused algorithms.
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    Quote from Borsch »

    For example greys ;)

    Well with the new checkboxes I added last night you can set it up to not loot greys but others instead, if you're going with quality-based loot :)

    Quote from Xuerian »

    DARKGuy: You can (post)hook LootButton_OnClick, since XLoot inherits the default loot button template. Not sure about butsu, but I expect the same. There shouldn't be any problems detecting the modifiers with that.

    The template and function are in LootFrame.xml & .lua in FrameXML.

    Hey thanks for that Xuerian :) I'll take a look at it this week and I'll see what can I do about it :D
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    Well, blacklist mode is on its way... I have to think a bit on how to do it, since it isn't gonna remove the item directly from your inventory... I think it would work only when you set the loot quality filter, say you want to loot all Common but exclude Runecloth.

    About the auto-adding to the loot list, I think it's possible and I might get around to do it this week or so, it depends on how easy it goes.

    Quote from reale »

    Request check boxes instead of thresholds, I want it to auto-loot greys and whites but not greens and above (use passloot for that). Or options for solo, party and raid (i.e. loot everything when solo, but only greys/whites when in a party.

    Thank you.

    :) Well thanks! I changed it from a dropdown to a checkbox group (it was kinda tricky to make them work correctly ;) ) ... it's really more useful that way, IMHO :D nice tip hehe. I might add three option groups instead, loot, raid and solo, but that'll come later.

    I also made the GUI more prettier and (if I didn't say it already) moved it to Ace3 :)
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    Quote from jmrwhoisspy »

    new version working good here, just a couple little things.

    Have to set settings for each character. Not the end of the world, but I guess i'm used to global profiles.

    On startup, it throws an error, but still works ok. Error being,
    Date: 2008-05-25 02:36:59
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Magnet\Magnet.lua line 144:
     attempt to compare nil with number
     (tail call): ?
     Magnet\Magnet.lua:144: ?()
     [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:4:
       [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:4
     [C]: ?
     [string "safecall Dispatcher[2]"]:13: ?()
     ...Ons\Ace3\CallbackHandler-1.0\CallbackHandler-1.0.lua:91: Fire()

    Also, an option to suppress chat output would be nice, or at least be able to direct where it outputs to.

    Looking good so far ^_^


    Hey hey hey :D glad to know it's working good :)

    Yup, thanks a lot for that debug :), I just had it happen tonight on my raid to BT, and I was like "WTF??" ... it must be fixed now, damn those nil values! :P

    I also added an option to toggle showing verbose messages, it should make you happier now ^_^.

    About the variables... well, I had in mind to make it per-character because you might want to loot some specific items for a character with some professions but wouldn't want to have another character with different professions loot items that weren't useful to that one but would be useful for the other character, so I decided to make it per-character so you don't end up looting everything "globally" (if you have more than one character with 2 professions on each one, it will be a mess!)
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    Well I just moved it to Ace3 and added...

    Loot by item quality!!!! (Loot by quest item has been already added a week ago :D)

    Yay go me :D
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    Quote from septor »

    Maybe adding options to threshold the loot quality (eg: only loot >white or >green), or only looting items flagged as quest items, would make this more appealing.

    Well I think I could add both things, I still prefer to specify the item name though, so I can have it loot cloth only, or all motes :P.

    Quote from jjsheets »

    If possible (not sure if it would be easy or not, or if it would require an extra library)... Autoloot any trash above a certain vendor buy price.

    I don't think that's possible for now but I'll see what can I do in the future, maybe the library I'll need to use won't be too hard to interact with. I'll have to take a look at it first.

    Quote from jmrwhoisspy »

    I would too love to see an option for a quality threshold. When taking my 70 though SM or ZF for cloth, it gets tedious having to drop every last bit of food or junk (mostly food) that isn't needed.

    A example stack might look like "if loot is 'Silk Cloth' OR ">=Green" then pickup else ignore". That would be fantastic.

    I do worry though, could this run afoul of blizzard? It might be seen as being too easy to farm.


    That gives me the idea of making "loot rules". Something like:

    ... I think I'll go for that route instead :).

    Quote from andreasg »

    Suggestion! Have it auto loot items from your quest list :P

    Consider it done for this week or next one :) that's a great idea :D

    Quote from lilsparky »

    cool idea, but man... what a lot of work to type it all in.

    you should use a meta-key combo to "record" loots. so say you shift-click an item in the loot frame to loot it and also record that you want that item auto-looted next time.

    and somebody had noted that quest items should always be looted.

    if you really wanted to get into automation, have it integrate with garbagefu to auto-drop items if you need bag space when auto-looting. maybe have the option to also grab the other loot as well, but only if it's worth more per stack than the stuff you've already got in your bags...

    Yeah the idea of recording the loots was an idea that crossed my mind, but then, I had wondered how would I add the items I recorded in an user-friendly way, so I dropped it off for the moment. I'd love to see a mockup or code sample, since I don't know if that will interfere with loot AddOns such as XLoot, or if it will require some unneeded integration to do something that can be done in another way.

    Hehe, glad you guys are using it :D I'd really appreciate if those who are willing to test some stuff I'll dry-code at work, to test my branch (which I'll make later) so I might add the new stuff around these days :)

    Keep up with the feedback! you guys rock :D
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    Wow, 87 views already... it must be really useful, everyone is so silent... :P
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    Hey guys :)

    This is the second AddOn that I upload to Ace SVN that I think it might be worth the download. Its purpose is to automatically loot items based on an item name list that you will make up.

    It would be useless to repeat the Wiki content here again, so I'll provide a link to it (download included):


    I really hope you all find it useful. If there are any feature requests, bug reports or comments and suggestions, they're really welcome! (I accept cookies and pies too). I'm pretty novice at this Lua+Ace thing, but I try to do my best :). I can also be contacted through IRC under the same nickname :).

    Enjoy! comments and suggestions welcome :D
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