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    Very cool! I will be trying this out in a week or so.
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    Hmmm. I'd think that there'd be a way to just load the HTML code rather than all the images and rubbish. Oh well.

    Stupid blizzard! Make text-based lists ;)
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    @Funkydude: because of the bandwidth usage of the armory servers? Or do you just dislike the overhead? I'd really prefer actual feedback to passing comments.

    @slyvanaar: where can I find your script? new here ;)
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    @Xinhuan: the idea is NOT to have the data collected by a central server or person; that is indeed impractical. I was thinking something more along the lines of a downloadable EXE that trawls only your server, your faction, & your level range (all user-entered) when you run it. This may still take a long time, but it strikes me as the sort of thing you could start and walk away from. That may STILL be unreasonable; what do you think?

    @slyvanaar: is this accessible in-game? Is there a time delay between the request and the data? And can you point me towards this tool? Thanks ;)

    EDIT - to further clarify, I personally would probably update this one every week or two. It's a personal choice, so data can be as updated as your bandwidth, PC, etc and preference allow.
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    Item level isn't a bad idea, but is that isn't shown in the armory - only the level requirement, which isn't helpful in the endgame. I think harvesting all high-level characters from the armory would take long enough without having to cross-reference to thottbot or something.

    But, my programing knowledge is limited to HTML/Java, C++, and Scheme, - so don't take my word for it!
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    Crazedfred, 70 warlock <Digital Knife Party> Nagrand
    1 Player(s) total.

    Crazedfred, 70 warlock <Digital Knife Party> Nagrand
    11670 HP, 8830 MP, 849 spell dmg, 11.06% crit chance
    Affliction (43/7/11), Gear (45/50), 145 Resilience

    My idea evisions a mod solution called CompleteWho, and it would give more information about a specific character without requiring you to alt-tab over to the clunky Armory site to check out their gear.
    With a simple /who, you can see their HP, MP, talents, average gear quality, and two class-specific stats that give you additional help in sizing them up.

    This mod would contain two parts: a executable file that harvests information from the Armory, and an in-game mod that adds the harvested information automatically when a who request returns only a single character.
    Oh, and it'd get rid of the "1 Player(s) total." thing.

    HP, MP, talents, average gear quality (explained later), and resilience are always recorded; the additional two stats vary based on class and spec. For a holy priest, it would note +healing and mana regen; for a shadow priest it would note +damage and mana regen. This would be logged in the mod as "Attribute 1" and "Attribute 2"; a separate interpretation table would be kept to tell what the data is. The list below is just a rough idea and is open to debate!

    Balance - +dmg, mana regen
    Feral - AP, armor
    Healing - +healing, mana regen
    All specs - AP, % crit
    All specs - +dmg, % spell crit
    Holy - +healing, mana regen
    Protection - armor, mana regen
    Retribution - AP, armor
    Discipline - +healing, +damage
    Holy - +healing, mana regen
    Shadow - +damage, mana regen
    All specs - AP, Armor
    Elemental - +damage, mana regen
    Enhancement - AP, armor
    Restoration - +healing, mana regen
    Affliction - +damage, +spell hit
    Demonology - +damage, % spell crit
    Destruction - +damage, % spell crit
    Arms - AP, % crit
    Fury - AP, % crit
    Protection - Armor, % parry

    Average gear quality would be calculated like a school's GPA system.
    Each item slot (excluding shirt & tabard, and any slots of no use to that class) would be examined for quality, and given the score accordingly:
    Artifact = 60
    Epic = 50
    Rare = 40
    Uncommon = 30
    Common = 20
    Trash = 10
    Missing = 0

    Then take the average and store it as an integer! With a perfect score (ignoring artifacts) of 50, this gives you a rough idea of how "epic'd" your potential group mates are. Ever wonder if that PUG tank is gonna work out for ya? Now you know roughly how decent his gear is (along with his HP and other essentials) without loading the Armory page and mousing over all his gear.

    The end result is that a single character would have ~eight attributes (including name) stored. Optimally, there would be an option in the data harvester to only collect information from, say, characters level 60 & up (and only from your faction) to cut down on wasted space. Hopefully there is some Ace framework for handling large data tables efficiently ^^

    • Could this be spoofed by equipping level 60 epics before logging out? Yes, but more code could be added later to fix that.
    • Will this be exacting and extremely up to date? No. This if for a general idea of gear.
    • Will this just encourage e-peen contests? God, I hope not.
    • Would this be a good tool for making simple groups, or just checking someone out? That's my goal!

    So, what do you guys think? Is this a good idea?
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