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    I've been using Aloft for several months with the same settings now, but a couple of days ago, when leveling my WL alt, the cast bars stopped working properly.
    When the targeted mob begins a cast, the cast bar pops up, but there bar does not fill and the time text doesn't change either. Once the cast is completed, the bar jumps to what seems like a random amount of completion and stays like that for a while. Sometimes, there's no cast bar at all. Other times, the bar fills in a manner as if it were stuttering (it's completely out of sync, too).
    It is the same in PVP as in PVE.

    The two attached screenshots were taken 3 seconds apart from each other. You can see the Aloft castbar and also a Quartz bar for reference (which displays correct values by the way).
    The third attachment is my Aloft.lua from the SavedVariables directory.

    Since I have no clue what might be causing this, I also don't know what other information you might need. Don't hesitate to ask :)
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