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    Quote from Ammo »

    wrong dependancies.

    Set it to: oRA2

    and the resurrection events are triggered from the participant modules.


    But if i only require oRA2, people doesn't necessarily have oRA_Optional which is where the RES etc messages are registered to trigger the events? And in what way is it wrong to mention the oRA_Optional as a dependency? :)
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    I have come across what might be a bug in oRA2. I use some of the events triggered in oRA2_Optional. Take this as an examble:

    Since my addon depends on these events i have included the following line in my toc file:
    ## Dependencies: oRA2_Optional

    Whenever i reload my UI, these events concerning resurrection simply stops getting triggered. I have traced this back to that the oRA_JoinedRaid method in oRA2_Optional/Resurrection.lua doesn't trigger as well (and hence my event never gets registered). However the oRA_JoinedRaid method in oRA2/Core.lua does get triggered still. What makes this more strange to me is, this only happens when reloading the UI, not when leaving an instance or logging in.

    One last thing. When i remove the dependencies in the toc file, this problem goes away.

    So is this because i use the events wrong or don't understand dependencies? Or does it look like a case that haven't been taken into account in oRA2?
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    I have pickup up an old addon called SmartRes and made it work in TBC. However i decided to remove a few features and add others.

    http://files.wowace.com/SmartRes/SmartRes.zip (Notice it require oRA2)

    Click here for a picture of a test

    What is it?
    Basically it's a one button automated raid resurrection solution.

    - Assign a key for start resurrecting
    - Recieve info from other players who are being resurrected and who has been (mainly via oRA2)
    - Many conditions determining who to res such as class, group, afk status, line of sight and more
    - Shows bars for each resurrection

    I have tried to disable most events i listen to when entering combat so it should have little impact on playing.

    So any comments are welcome. :)

    Edit: Updated link to wowace
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