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    posted a message on [Grid] GridIndicatorCornerPlus
    Hello Kunda you are planning a porting of this addon for 6.0.2?
    or an implementation according GridIndicatorExtra?

    I would be happy
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    posted a message on [Fanupdate] GridIndicatorIconBar
    my profession is miller, all I know about .lua, I've taught myself and that is not much! So I can not give any support for the addon. The above solution works for me well and I think many Grid users find the addon useful. that's why I posted in this forum.

    Thanks for the info Adirelle and the many helpful addon's.

    Perhaps there is another user of this addon may supported.
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    posted a message on [Fanupdate] GridIndicatorIconBar
    I created a "Fanupdate" for GridIndicatorIconBar.
    In GridIndicatorIconBar.lua
    line 441
    function mod.UpdateOptionsForIndicator(GridFrame, indicator, name, order)

    must be changed to
    function mod.UpdateOptionsForIndicator(GridFrame, type, name, order)

    it represents the general funtion it all up, but the "testmode" is still broken!
    One could perhaps addon with this change back to Curse offer.

    special thanks to Google Translator, my English is very bad.
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