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    ADORE this addon so I hope you get it up and running again soon!
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    I second the long-ago request to temporarily change the title to "Chef" while wearing the hat and having the Cooking menu open, but totally understand if you'd rather not. Appreciate the recent update to the mod.. Was looking for something like this since the patch.
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    Just got this in whisper as soon as I hearthed to Dalaran. I am using v4.2.3.3. I've gotten one other whisper like this not long ago but I chaulked it up to a fluke. On #2 I figured I'd better let ya know.

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    This is in reply to the new Grid FAQ... feedback about what used to confuse me about Grid.

    I was totally lost about the plugins for icons. I couldnt get them to work at all and it took me almost a year to figure it out because I was using GridStatusHoTs and assumed that other plugins would utilize it too but they do not.

    Now I help others set up their Grid, and some of the most common issues with it are how to adjust the size and borders. I think it's hard for new users to find that stuff in the config menus for some strange reason.

    Another issue of confusion to them is the priority. They dont realize they can set several statuses to one indicator and have Grid show them each status in order of their own priority.

    I think there's also confusion about the health bar and how you can color it.

    I also think that ppl have no idea what plugins they need in terms of making Grid into what they want. Healbot, Vuhdo, X-Perl, ect. all have this generic compliation that applies to everyone and although they require setup, there is no extra download. I dont think people understand sometimes how to find the proper plugin to get the indicator/effect/warning that they want so they think Grid is complicated and they get frustrated because they can't get it to do what they need. Perhaps a short list of some of the most commonly used plugins would help. I think I would include:


    ...... just as some of the real basic ones that most Grid-uses I know use.. and maybe a few more random ones as just an idea of what they could look for such as:


    ... so that they can further customize it to their own specific class needs.. or raid needs.

    Hope that helps with the FAQ
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    posted a message on Improved Merchant Frame
    Wow, I like this. Very nice layout and I like how the lvls are on the side too.

    One issue though.. I can't get this to work with BuyEmAll. If you could either integrate its functions or allow it to work with this mod, I think you could get a following =P

    btw, I encourage you to post this on Curse.
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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    Raid Icons, Side Icons, take your pick. None of them work for me. I was using Side Icons 30200-2 and Raid Icons 30200-2. I have tried your corner icons too, version 30200-1. Not a single icon will show up. I have no idea what you mean by "What status are you using." What I'm talking about is that I set my Right side indicator to be My Riptide, cast the spell, and nothing shows up at all. I use the center icon for GridStatusRaidDebuff and that shows up just fine. What i'm talking about is that I set my lower left indicator to player raid icon and I get a little box that may or may not be the color of the raid icon they were assigned. If there's some other addon that's needed I would have appreciated knowing that in the plugin description. I expected this to work just like any other plugin where you install it, set your indicators, and it shows up. Perhaps more detailed instructions are in order because this isn't making sense to me, and I can set Grid to do anything I like except show these icons =/
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    posted a message on [Grid] Modules: Threat,RaidIcons,MTs / Indicators: Text3,SideIcons
    I'm having real trouble getting your icon plugins to work. I can set up indicators for my Riptide and I can even get side indicator text to give me a countdown, but when I install either of your icon plugins it sometimes causes Grid to show up as a black box and every time I can't get any icons to appear. I have disabled all the range filters and know my way around Grid really well but this issue is puzzling me.

    I run Grid 1.30200.2009081101 and the following plugins:
    unit menu
    mana bars
    indicator corner icons
    indicator side text
    status afk
    status chain who?
    status HOTs
    status PWshield
    status raid debuff

    Any suggestions?
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    posted a message on Postal (was GMail2): Updated
    Hi..been having a problem lately with the new feature that leaves 1 regular bag space open. I have the mail set to open at the fastest possible speed. I think maybe it opens so fast that the addon doesn't have time to check how many bag spaces are left? Often it prints out the message that it is trying to leave one open but then I get the red "Inventory Full" and indeed, my inventory is completely full instead of leaving one space open. This does not happen 100% of the time, but it is very frequent. I love this feature and hope you can get it to work more reliably.
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    posted a message on HeadCount - Raid attendance and loot tracker
    Can anyone tell me if there are commands to manually add ppl to the raid or to the waitlist? I see commands for adding bosses and loot, but not players.
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    After spending close to an hour trying to add detect invisibility and such to the warlock's class buff button, I am ready to scream. I have tried creating custom buttons, custom bars, nothing works. Your FAQ seems helpful but perhaps it needs re-written because it simply doesn't work for me using the directions you provided. If using Autobar almost completely out of the box, can't beat it.. but trying to make custom buttons is a nightmare.
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