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    I Veto this until you call it ClamIt :(
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    Some sample shots of:


    Added a couple of more shots showing:

    And a last one:


    I've quickly(Thanks wiki for deleting my hours of work :P) put together a page with all the current modules(i think) and i quickly imported the old messages, along with a more "clean" way of writing it.

    The general idea behind it is something like this:

    Is it enabled by default? (Default state)
    What is the command-line to access it? (Command-line)
    What does the module do (Description)
    How do i use it? (Usage) or a sub-category === Examples & Tips ===

    The idea is for something like CopyChat module to only have a line like Usage: /prat copychat copy, as it only has 1 relevant command anyways.

    But with a command like /alias or /prat alias a sub-category dedicated to some tips and examples would be best.

    In any case i'll probably follow up on the page here tomorrow or anything, but right now i'm pretty tired.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    Here's the thing about the queueing system:

    Let's say I log on, and five minutes later get some Peons4Hire spam. SpamSentry shows me the "Spam caught, click here to send a report!" message. I click there, and send the report. Ten minutes later, my ticket's still sitting there waiting, and I get a tell informing me about a sale over at MMOSpa. I can't open two tickets at once, and SpamSentry can't edit my existing ticket to include the new spam, so I have to just let MMOSpa sit there in the queue. A bit later, my original report is handled and I get a "Thanks for reporting this!" message from a GM. By this time I've forgotten all about MMOSpa, until twenty minutes later I get more Peons begging me to hire them. I go to report them, and - oh yeah! There's MMOSpa waiting to be reported too.

    Really the only time I let reports back up is if I can't report it immediately, either because a ticket is already open, or because I'm AFK. The only way SpamSentry could still function at all without queueing would be for it to pop up a dialog upon recieving spam, that gave you two options: "Report Now" or "Ignore It" and expired after thirty seconds, and to ignore any spam received while a ticket was already open. And honestly, if it pestered me with a popup in my face every time those Peons messaged me, I'd use something that simply blocked spam instead of trying to be helpful and report it.

    The only change I'd make to the queueing system would be to make queued reports automatically expire after a certain time, say two hours.

    Problem is that when you edit an ticket it automatically gets placed in the bottom of the queue, don't ask, cause i don't know why.

    the optimal way to handle this should be from Blizzards side, when they launch a spammers/bots category it should go around the normal queue, and just take the data and allow you to queue other tickets, or report other spammers without having to wait until the first ticket is responded too.

    The second way to do this might be to tell the GM staff to keep the ticket open for 10 seconds or so, then the mod can automatically whisper the remaining offenders when getting the "Thanks for your report"-whisper.
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    Just a heads up you might find these 2 topics interesting:


    Adding a [NO REPLY NEEDED] to the top might make gm's not whisper you, so imo you should put it in the top of the reportformat, i've done so for my own.

    If you got an account you could always share your own views on how to automate the process of gold spam reports.
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    I will abuse your feature to spread slavery and death to my guild.
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    Quote from Friendly »

    Lets get all those in the last few days merged in :)

    Btw FiskerQ, werent you playing on Ravencrest in Semper ?

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    A horde quest one, should have around all outlands pre-netherstorm/shadowmoon valley quests.
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    I'm unsure if i should post here, but i'd like to know if anyone has stored all Quest notes for Blood Elves. I was going to do it myself but they took down the beta servers earlier.
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    Good thing to see you're back, and also good to finally see a modular mailbox addon, i remember wanting BulkMail and Expressmail to be the same addon from start, so i'm very glad you decided to pick up the ball on that.
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    Quote from tekkub »


    Well you told us to use the SVN :P
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    Quote from ckknight »

    Yea, the issue is that Jostle-2.0 conflicts with JostleLib-1.0. Make sure you only have 2.0 around.

    I can't see that i have any JostleLib-1.0 installed, and mine still won't autoadjust my squeenix minimap :(
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    Quote from FlareCDE »

    Try Progra~1 instead of Program Files.

    Didn't work :(

    Quote from dafire »

    Yes.. in the end "Addons" will contain the addons checked out of the svn with all externals, you can just copy those to your wow folder .)

    Ok :)
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    Well it doesn't seem to be so happy about c:\Program Files\

    my $svn = 'C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin\svn.exe';

    It returns that "c:\Program is not a valid command etc."

    my $svn = '"C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin\svn.exe"';

    Then it just says it doesn't exist.

    And btw it makes 3 folders, Addons is one of them, does that mean i should put it in WoW\Interface or should i copy the addons folder over?

    Edit: Stuuuuuupiiid, i was pointing it to "Suversion" not "Subversion", so now it doesn't say it's not found, but during checkout it writes

    checkout: BigWigs
    'c:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    So some kind of quotation is needed somewhere :)
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    Quote from Samasnier »

    Quote from speak »

    I've loved UberQuest since it was released by Saien.  Sadly, he has retired from WoW now for a few months, and apparently is not coming back :)

    I abandoned all Saien AddOns because they were made by Saien.

    Have you tried Extended Quest Log?  http://ui.worldofwar.net/ui.php?id=2749

    Yeah Saien was a pretty weird guy, in the end he started doing some "stupid" moves with his addons, like removing command line interaction from autobar, and when people asked for it back he would just swear at them.
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    I guess that if i don't use Tortoise i'll just write "svn.exe" since it's included as an enviroment path exe(or whatever that's called now) right?
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