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    Harpz, have you installed that latest release? Is this mod working properly for you?

    Mine does not write any coordinates to the database file.

    Please let me know.
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    Quick Update: I have not head back from the author of HandyNotes_Directions yet, but I found out a couple more things:

    I disabled EVERY mod except HandyNotes and HandyNotes_Directions, and it still does NOT write to the database when I ask a guard for directions somewhere.

    I found an old HandyNotes_Directions.lua file with some coordinates, so I manually added it to my HandyNotes_Directions.lua file, and it DOES show up on the map!!

    So, it IS reading the locations from HandyNotes_Directions.lua and showing them on the map, but it will NOT write to the file when I ask for directions. This works when I have all my add-ons loaded also.

    Leads me to believe it's something with the HandyNotes_Directions addon, correct?
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    Quote from Xinhuan
    At a first guess, I would ask you to delete those savedvariable files, or at least check the "last modified date". Make sure they aren't write-protected.

    Thanks for the reply Xinhuan. I have checked, and the files are modified everytime I enter and leave the game.

    I've tried deleting them, and restarting, I've even tried completely removing Handynotes_Directions and reinstalling it.

    Handynotes_Trainers does seem to be working now, it's only HandyNotes_Directions. I've emailed the author directly, so I'll see if I get a response.

    Any other ideas in the meantime?

    Could it be another add-on interfering or conflicting with it causing it not to write the coordinates?
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    I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I'm going NUTS trying to figure this out!!!

    I can't get HandyNotes_Directions or HandyNotes_Trainer to write ANYTHING to the database!!

    The HandyNotes_Directions.lua and HandyNotes_Trainers.lua files are created in the "SavedVariables" folder, but NOTHING gets written to them while I'm playing the game!! I talk to trainers and guards, but not coordinates ever get written to the database files.

    I have the most recent version of each of these:
    1.0 for HandyNotes_Directions and
    1.0.3 for HandyNotes_Trainers

    I know HandyNotes_FlightMasters and HandyNotes_Vendors are working correctly.

    Any ideas????

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