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    posted a message on Basic Question - Tooltip anchoring

    I'll start by apologizing for asking such a basic question, un-related to the Ace development platform. I am an amateur coder, but I wish to learn more and I've hung up on what may be a simple issue.

    I'm trying to grasp the simple dynamics of tooltips, and I've researched wowikki, attempted to deconstruct code from other mods and libraries, and I believe I am just failing to capture some fundemental concept.

    Basic exercise: Re-anchor the default blizzard tooltip to the upper-right corner of the screen.

    The code I attempt follows:

    GameTooltip:SetOwner(UIParent, "ANCHOR_NONE"); 

    This obviously doesn't work, and I'm having a hell of a time finding a decent tutorial that fills in whatever it is that I'm missing.

    Again I apologize for the basic nature of my question. I will continue to research on my own, but the sources I could find specific to programming in WoW are limited, and you guys are the ones I look up to as I try to learn.
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    Hi guys,

    Does anyone know of a method or have a hack/tool that can be used to test layouts in Grid?

    I hate having to actually form up a raid to tweak my layout.

    P.S. -- What's up with GridStatusReadyCheck? Why must I be a raid leader or assist to see this status?
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    posted a message on [Grid] GridStatusReadyCheck
    This only seems to work if I'm the raid leader or raid assist.

    Is this intended? The default frames show the ready check results just fine without those permissions.
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    posted a message on AutoBar by Toadkiller (official thread)
    I'm still using the release version of AutoBar, but occasionally I install the beta just to track progress...

    What's happening to AutoBar? At one time I could assign multiple categories to buttons, AND add individual items as well.

    Now it seems that all I have available are pre-set categories that I cannot edit. I cannot seem to add individual items to a button with categories.

    For example: I've always had a button for both bombs and quest items. When I don't have a quest item, the button defaults to my explosives, but when I have a quest item, the button defaults to it. I cannot seem to do this with the beta.

    Finally, keybindings. Why are keybindings now assigned to categories instead of buttons? This doesn't seem to be intuitive. I'm certain I could write a macro to click an individual button, but this seems pretty sloppy.

    Flame me if you will. Call it a 'beta' if you must, but this new version of autobar doesn't measure up to the old one in my estimation.
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    posted a message on Manufac: Retooled Professions
    Quote from Elandril »

    Quote from Zucharn »

    Any word on a fix for the money summary? I can't get it to work with auctioneer or KC_items, just showing the same error I posted up above.

    Actually, I have figured out now that the problem doesn't lie with Manufac, but with KC_Items, when they are installed using WAU. The subfolder "KC_SellValues" (under the modules folder) doesn't get unpacked into the WoW\Interface\Addons directory, and thus it doesn't get loaded.

    Check using "/kci sellvalues" if you have the sellvalues module correctly loaded. If there's a message about an unavailable command, then KCI is wrongly installed.

    I've tried installing SellValues as standalone and as a module under the new KC_Items. In neither case does the money summary work.

    It may very well be a problem with KCI, but it seems there isn't a reliable fix.

    Is there any word on this?
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