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    Done some mining from WhoHas and PeriodicTable.

    I know you're busy with the localizations, but if you have time you could look at it :)

    The attached file contains the tables with the data I thought about showing.

    The gathering part could be used somewhere at the tooltip hook.
    (if GetItem returns nil you could search the id in this table and show information about that item)

    The crafted item information is a simple id -> ids dictionary.
    It could be used both ways for getting crafted item(s) and source item(s).

    The reputation turnin part is a bit hacky (added them to the loot tables)
    But at least this one already works for me. ;) And you can extract the item ids from it, if you want.
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    I would like to say first that I love this addon.
    I have a few suggestion though to like it more ;)

    WhoHas gives some extra information i would like to see in Altoholic too:
    - if you hover over a mine/herb in the world it displays how much you have from it in the tooltip
    - if you look at an ore/mote it displays in the tooltip how much bar/primal you have from it too

    I like the reputation coloring FuBar_FactionsFu is using so it would be nice to see the same colors in the reputation tab.

    The last can probably be done more than one way. I would like to see in the tooltip if an item can be turned in at a faction to gain reputation (maybe show who can use for example Firewing signets)

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