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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    cheers thanks for that, the chakra changes in 4.06 means a nice big fat icon makes life a lot easier.
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    posted a message on Raven: Auras, Cooldowns and Notifications
    Though I'd let you know of two errors I have encountered. Both discovered when setting up a New group with custom bars.

    1. Priest Chakra buff (not the serenity or serendipity chakra, the selection buff) is not picked up when selected as a class buff. Tried variations of cast by player etc but cant seem to get it to show. It shows under the standard long buff group no problem. If you choose the option "Show not active" it shows when not up as expected.

    2. When changing the bar to icon and then specifically setting the custom group icon size (ie: not using default) past about a value of 40 does one of two things, either crashes the client completely, or drops about 100 errors a second. The errors only occur if there is actually a buff shown in the group.. Scratch that, seems to happen the moment I push the slider past 40 or so.

    Here is the error that pops.

    Brilliant addon btw.

    edit: deleting and recreating the group several times seemed to fix it........ sorry that probably makes it harder to track down.

    Message: Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:763: attempt to compare number with nil
    Time: Tue Mar  1 15:59:36 2011
    Count: 599
    Stack: [C]: ?
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:763: in function <Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:678>
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:997: in function <Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:969>
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Bars.lua:1057: in function `UpdateBars'
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:347: in function `Update'
    Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:105: in function <Interface\AddOns\Raven\Main.lua:105>
    Locals: bp = <table> {
     borderSaturation = 0
     detectTracking = false
     detectDebuffsCastBy = "player"
     configuration = 9
     anchorLastBar = false
     hideLabel = true
     hideCount = true
     timeCase = false
     useDefaultDimensions = false
     snapCenter = false
     iconOffsetY = 0
     filterCooldown = true
     detectSharedFireTraps = true
     wrapDirection = false
     uniformDuration = 120
     borderBrightness = 0
     showOnlyNoDuration = false
     hideSpark = false
     sor = "A"
     growDirection = true
     iconSize = 50
     labelColor = <table> {
     labelOffset = 0
     hideClock = false
     timeSpaces = false
     i_hideLabel = true
     iconColors = "None"
     i_hideValue = false
     timeFont = "Arial Narrow"
     alpha = 1
     bgColors = "Normal"
     hideIcon = false
     showFishing = true
     iconColor = <table> {
     iconInset = 0
     showSolo = true
     useDefaultFontsAndTextures = true
     hideValue = false
     showParty = true
     labelFSize = 10
     i_scale = 1
     detectOnlyTracking = false
     anchor = false
     showMounted = true
     i_iconOffsetY = 0
     iconAlpha = 1
     i_hideClock = false
     detectBuffsCastBy = "player"
     labelAlpha = 1
     timeFSize = 10
     showBuff = false
     i_barHeight = 5
     name = "Monitor"
     timeOutline = false
     showCombat = true
     flashExpiring = false
     filterDuration = 120
     showDebuff = false
     labelOutline = false
     merged = false
     detectStealable = false
     timeColor = <table> {
     bars = <table> {
     i_hideBar = true
     barWidth = 20
     timeAlign = "normal"
     i_iconOffsetX = 0
     spacingX = 2
     barHeight = 5
     combatTips = true
     filterCooldownLink = true
     barColors = "Spell"
     i_spacingY = 15
     detectOtherCooldowns = true
     showRaid = true
     enabled = true
     bgSaturation = 0
     detectSharedFrostTraps = true
     setDuration = false
     anchorX = 0
     fgSaturation = 0
     anchorEmpty = false
     minimumDuration = true
     labelWrap = false
     combatAlpha = 1
     cache = <table> {
     labelAlign = "MIDDLE"
     showCooldown = false
     pulseEnd = false
     linkSettings = false
     labelInset = 0
     delayTime = 5
     texture = "Blizzard"
     flashTime = 5
     auto = false
     detectPotionCooldowns = true
     reverseSort = false
     anchorY = 0
     labelFont = "Arial Narrow"
     timeOffset = 0
     noMouse = false
     filterDebuffLink = true
     filterTimeLeft = 120
     iconMouse = true
     i_hideCount = true
     detectDebuffsMonitor = "player"
     pulseStart = false
     fgAlpha = 1
     showBlizz = true
     checkDuration = false
     maxBars = 0
     pointH = 49.999996185303
     timeInset = 0
     detectDebuffs = false
     showResting = true
     showNotBlizz = true
     pointX = 0.43552646000394
     fadeAlpha = 1
     pointXR = 0.52988695787259
     detectDispellable = false
     i_barWidth = 20
     showOOC = true
     i_iconSize = 25
     detectRuneCooldowns = false
     detectCooldownsBy = "player"
     bgBrightness = 0
     locked = false
     i_hideSpark = false
     detectTrinketCooldowns = true
     fgBrightness = 0
     timeFormat = 6
     filterDebuffBars = false
     showTooltips = true
     detectSharedShocks = true
     detectSharedCrusader = true
     checkTimeLeft = false
     filterBuffBars = false
     minimumTimeLeft = true
     showNoDuration = false
     useDefaultColors = true
     wrap = 16
     strata = "MEDIUM"
     filterBuff = true
     detectBuffsMonitor = "player"
     iconFSize = 10
     detectSpellCooldowns = true
     i_spacingX = 2
     fade = false
     bgtexture = "Blizzard"
     filterDebuff = true
     detectCooldowns = false
     spacingY = 15
     bgAlpha = 0.65
     scale = 1
     anchorTips = "DEFAULT"
     hide = false
     checkCondition = false
     detectBuffs = false
     pointW = 49.999996185303
     pointYT = 0.16764321278445
     timeAlpha = 1
     filterCooldownBars = false
     pointY = 0.7770182539489
     iconFont = "Arial Narrow"
     i_hideIcon = false
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    posted a message on Mana bars for Grid2?
    alternatively have a full width mana bar which at full represents a configurable percentage. (Likely not blue to avoid the unconscious indication of full=100%) Above the setpoint the manabar would hide of course.

    ie: you could show the bar as full width at 30% (yes you would need to do math on the fly) or others may set it up to be full width at 100% (ie: what is normal currently).
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    posted a message on Mana bars for Grid2?
    researched debate in wow? what is the world coming to.

    how about this? %text indicator below a threshold. ie: at 30% it appears and reads "30%" (or whatever actual percentage) and then disappears once over 30%. Configurable threshold of course.

    Best of both worlds, info only when required and fully granular when it is required.

    Your grid starts to light up with text you know the raid is very low mana, obviously you would select a relatively tiny font size, 6 or 7 or something.

    Currently using stufraid whilst I await the second coming of Grid :P.
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    posted a message on Direct Quote from Cairenn - Important
    There has been some talk about an addon blacklist embedded somewhere in the code hasn't there? currently unused but perhaps 3.1 changes that.

    Personally I think they will add the option to blacklist by name. Yes it will be easy to get around by renaming but it would also be a simple way to get across to users that addon 'Q' being used by umpteen million users is not up to Blizzards standards or is significantly impacting in game performance/loading. That alone would likely deter the majority of users from modifying or installing a renamed version. Not to mention any renamed versions being distributed could be just as easily blacklisted. Blacklist would be dynamic and grabbbed at login. End result support tickets go from a major overhead for GM's to insignificant between logins.

    Anyhows thats how I would do it.
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    posted a message on Direct Quote from Cairenn - Important
    Whilst only a lowly user, I do agree with Phanx. I spend countless hours contributing to a much smaller userbase (read guild) and expect no payment from it. The enjoyment lies in picking up new skills (website/organisational skills and the like) and just generally being part of a community of like minded individuals.

    My advice, put your donation buttons up on websites, spend the resulting cash exclusively on beer and get on with enjoying the game and coding.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Stuf is a reasonably lightweight alternative with great config options whilst waiting for PB4 to mature.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    May I say the new filter system alone makes PB4 the best unitframes available. The addition of raid frames will complete its ascendancy :P.

    about the only wishlist item I have is the addition of a mini bar timer aura ala 'Stuf". Very handy for your own DoT's.
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    posted a message on PitBull 4.0
    Quote from cyid
    Is there a way to filter buffs/debuffs from a target? I just want to see my own.

    I second this, all i wish to see is my Renew/POM/Grace/DA and weakened soul debuff. With this I could make my dream raid frames!. Once raid frames are in of course :P.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    Quote from Buio
    It does work, you just have to adjust "Minimum Scale" (f.e. 20% works for me) in OmniCC so it accepts the smaller sized buff icons.

    brilliant thanks for that.
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    posted a message on Talented, a Talent template editor !
    Getting the following in 299 and 300. Talented window doesn't show.

    [2008/10/16 14:16:49-29-x10]: Talented-1.9\talents.lua:64: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)
    Talented-1.9\talents.lua:282: in function `GetTalentInfo'
    Talented-1.9\viewmode.lua:23: in function `UpdateCurrentTemplate'
    Talented-1.9\core.lua:346: in function `Update'
    Talented-1.9\core.lua:337: in function <Interface\AddOns\Talented\core.lua:334>
    (tail call): ?:
    <string>:"*:OnClick":1: in function <[string "*:OnClick"]:1>
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    The cooldown spiral works fine, however I thought aguf aura were compatible with omnicc for actual countdown numbers? This does not seem to be working for me.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    Quote from Nevcairiel
    ag seems to be busy again, but i discussed it with him before already, and if he isn't here for 3.0 release, i will push the Ace3-WotLK version to trunk for all of our enjoyment =)

    Excellent, many thanks I was wondering about this.
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    posted a message on Smartbuff / SmartDebuff have to go... Ace replacements?
    yeah i'm still happily using SmartBuff. Gave zomg a try and really can't stomach the dewdrop config + in your face zomg icon. If it integrated a little less obnoxiously I would likely find it would meet all my needs. Thats just my personal opinion of course :P.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames Status (What's going on?)
    Recently checked out the Ace3 branch again to have a look see. Pleasantly surprised to find a sleek but well rounded addon lurking there. I don't really understand why you haven't pulled this to trunk?

    The only item I missed was an energy ticker. A bit of frantic researching found me this http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info8810-TickTock.html, just adjust the size to match your aguf energy bar, drag it over the top, turn off the various text options and most importantly choose Outline texture. Voila, you now have a working fully (aesthetically speaking) integrated energy ticker in aguf, props to Kergoth for his nice work on TickTock. Also props to Andreasg for his typically impressive work on aguf.
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