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    I've a few suggestiquestions I'd like to pose about the Curse Client.

    Numma one: Some sort of a log window (aside from the "Activity" window) would be a nice feature. Something to show exactly what the program is doing and who it's doing it to.

    Numma two: Is it destined to remain closed-source? I can't see the benefit to this, but I'd imagine there are reasons.

    Finally, numma three: For such a simple program, why is the binary 4mb? I notice you're using wxWidgets, presumably for easing cross-platform development, but 4 megs still seems kinda chunky.

    Oh, and since it's probably going to be expected of me...

    wah wah, no more WAU/files.wowace.com! GIEV ME ADDONZ and someone call 1-800-WAHWAH for me. :)
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