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    posted a message on Exporting mail data to Google Scripts
    After opening the mail window is there a way for Google Scripts to see the content and who sent the mail? Is that exposed anywhere similar to Armory, or can it only be parsed by an addon?
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    posted a message on Shadowed Unit Frames [official]
    How do you "turn on" the Layout Manager tab? I have it on my main account in WoW, but on my other accounts I can't get the tab to appear so I can import.
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    posted a message on Bartender4 - Official Topic
    I didn't see a FAQ, and 100 pages is too much to read tonight. I haven't come across the answer yet.

    I've seen this problem happen prior to 4.4.0. Bar 7 and Bar 1's buttons have been linked so when I drop a button in Bar 7 it shows up in Bar 1.

    I'm using SpartanUI. Any ideas?
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