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    Quote from Madrak »

    If you actually want to change the keywords to something different, but keep a double-level interest option, well, umm..... hmm. Maybe I can add that in my next release.

    half / ten
    need / greed
    main / off
    spec / offspec

    Making it configurable would be a nice addition.
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    Small request for enhancement.

    I would find it useful and perhaps others would too if you could "pin" two or more button groups together such that moving one group a given dX,dY moved the other group(s) the same amount.

    This is motivated from a feature of IB1 in which I made a circle of 8 buttons and then increasing to 9 put the 9th button in the middle of the 8. IB2 on the other hand does the obvious thing of starting the next circle. With "pin"-ing I could arrange buttons in whatever config I wanted (figure-8 anyone?) and then move the entire multi-group set at once.

    IB2's interface is a HUGE improvement over IB1. I'm so glad the IB line is still in development. Thanks!

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    RFE - In caster form the Energy ticker was the GCD ticker. It would last 1.5 seconds and started on spellcast. Would give an easy indication of the GCD.
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    Great addon but I do have one request. I occasionally get glitches and the bags will gray out or the bank won't open, etc. Easily fixed with a /reloadui or relog.

    Could you make 'Hidden Frames >> Blizzard' hot-keyable? I can always use the pulldown menu but would be a great convenience to hit a key and then be able to open my normal bags, hit key again and go back to AI.

    Cheers and thanks for a great mod,
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