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    posted a message on RBM2 Official Thread
    i donno maybe I'm just blind it is pritty late..... but i can't seem to find a way to change the bar fill direction .... is there a way to do this if not could we get one?
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    Quote from Mystik »

    Feature request!

    Would it be possible to add a feature to the Chat Tabs module that would allow you to change which side the tab buttons anchor to? Instead of being in the top left I'd like to be able to move my tab buttons to either the top right or the bottom left/right so that they don't overlap with other parts of my UI. It's not really a big deal for me since I don't change tabs much, however, I have not seen this feature in any other addon.

    along the same lines could we have the ability to change their alphas and to have them not fade out or not appear at all on mouse over, and also these settings on per window basis so like frame 1 always appear with 50% alpha and frame 2 never appear ect.

    and another feature i donno if this is possible or not but to have the filter buttons at the top of the combat log disapear completely like the black bar and all and have that space to use for more lines of text. For me its like 3 lines of text worth of unusable space
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    posted a message on Skillet - Official Thread
    i donno if this has been said somewheres or w/e and i'm not gonna read every post on here to see. But i was thinkin that Icons in the list next to the name of them for the items you can make would be very nice. Sorta like in Manufac.
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    posted a message on CoolDownButtons - Offical Thread
    its great .....can you make bars?
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    posted a message on Graphics Performance & Unit Frames
    well i donno about you but i noticed a serious improvement in preformance when i disabled portraits in pitbull
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    posted a message on Hourglass - A lightweight oCD/CooldownTimers2 improved remake.
    Would it be possible to have only one bar for hunter traps. Thats called traps instead of all 6 traps being tracked, because 6 bars takes up alot of room when only one bar is needed. Similarly other things that share CDs don't need to say all of them
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    posted a message on Targeting Enemys But not their pets
    Quote from Ragnor »

    How can you not tell the difference between a player model and a pet model in game, have you tried opening your eyes? :)

    Ok sarcaism aside.. it sounds like you're looking for enemy unit frames like one of these:

    Proximo: http://wowace.com/wiki/Proximo
    SS Arena Frames: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info7680-SSArenaFrames.html
    Arena Unit Frames: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/7377/
    .. some other ones I couldn't remember

    you don't understand thats all good but if im fighting a few people and i want to jump around on targets i use tab.....but tab targets pets too so i can't kill someone then jump to the lock and dps him down quick by hitting tab cause it might just jump onto his pet....i want to skip the pet

    and yea about seeing the pet i was refering too what addons can find in like the combat log or however they find info..... If i knew I'd write one myself
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    posted a message on PerfectTargets / SmartAssist type addon?
    Quote from froidre »

    This is simply an idea at this stage .. I've got no LUA skills .. at all. This thread got me thinking about how to make a compliant version of SmartAsisst, with a bit of a ControlFreak-inspired twist.

    Blackjack -- "Hit me!"

    PvE Target Unit Frames

    Allow for faster targeting decisions for DPS and CC classes

    Basic Function
    One row for each distinct mob targeted; number of players targeting each mob is indicated in parenthesis
    Display raid icons on left-hand side of bar
    Focus target (the target that your focus player is targeting) indicated by triangle on right-hand side of bar

    Crowd Control Behaviour
    Blue bar indicates a crowd-controlled mob (mob has gained shackle, freeze trap, banish, hibernate, etc.)
    Bar for that mob turns orange once the aura fades (irrespective of whether it expired, was resisted or broken by a player)
    The mob is 'loose' and the bar will stay orange until that mob is picked up
    The mob is considered picked up when:
    - it becomes crowd-controlled again
    - a plate-wearer or an MT (as identified by MT list) is highest on its threat list (are there other better ways to indicate that it is targeting a 'survivable' player versus running around two-shotting healers and DPS?)
    - it is the last remaining unkilled mob (just as there is no further point to calling it out)

    Bar colors (health, background, controlled, loose)
    Bar geometry (width, height, spacing, toggle grow downwards/upwards)
    Shared Media assets (background texture, font)

    Example Above
    In the example, we have a decent amount of DPS on the kill target, a shackled mob and someone attempting to off-tank a mob.
    The only problem here is that the hunter trap has broken and the mob has not been re-CC'd.

    Taking It Further
    Maybe too far .. seems unnecessary to me, but it could be done:
    - add your threat data to the mob you are targetting (as MyThreat does)
    - indicate the CC type next to crowd-controlled mobs
    - show a recap of the "rolling summed prior 3 seconds" of damage next to each target (why? maybe to balance damage dealers on something like Romeo & Juliette, or to determine if the group has enough damage output on Astral Flares to be efficient with Curator, or to help balance out fire teams on Mag's Channelers)

    definatly an addon i would use and love
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    posted a message on Targeting Enemys But not their pets
    Quote from egingell »

    I've never been in a battle arena, so I can't confirm this, but it seems logical that you would be "in battle" as soon as you enter the arena making this impossible.

    You don't enter combat right away in the arenas
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    posted a message on Targeting Enemys But not their pets
    I'm wondering if it would be possible to have an addon that would create a macro on entering the arena and mousing over a target that would target that target should you target something else. So that i could avoid targeting pets.

    Like an addon that would be like ok that guy you moused over is a Mage and his name is Bob so when you hit tab it will go target Bob (/target bob) or Fred because you just moused over fred and hes a rouge(/target bob /target Fred). But John is a cat so i wont add him to the target macro that is currently bound to a key your pressing to cycle targets. And now those targets are dead or no longer exsist so ill clear your macro

    I don't no if theres anyway for an addon to tell if someone is a minion or pet of another but if there is and this is possible it would make me a better pvper. If there is a way to tell who the owner of a pet is maybe the addon could also add the owner of the pet to the target macro when mousing over the pet.
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    posted a message on Mapster: Official Thread
    ah i donno if this is possible but it occured to me it might be a good feature if you could zoom in and out in a specific zone useing the mouse wheel when mousing over the worldmap this would allow you to scale the size of it down a bit but zoom in closer to read an area name without having to go into the options and change scale all the time that with the alpha on the border would be awsome way to open world map but still be able to do stuff

    just an idea 8D
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    posted a message on EveryQuest
    Could we get some nQuestlog support for this or fubar?... or both
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    posted a message on Parrot 1.0
    Quote from specific »

    There's a bug report filed that you may want to comment on or vote for...not sure if the mod author(s) read these threads.


    Theres several big issues that it would be nice to see some one fix is this a dead addon now cause there hasn't been an update in a long time.....I love the addon if the author isn't updating it anymore could somone else fix these issues?
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    Quote from specific »

    So here's an odd problem I've run into. I've been using Parrot for the last week or so on my warlock, and I've noticed that my screen & interface freeze for ~0.5-1 sec every time I mount or dismount. By playing around with my various mods, I've discovered that parrot causes this pause every time I have a pet appear or disappear (such as summoning the pet in the first place). Duplicating the issue is trivial, simply deselecting "Enable" in parrot makes it go away instantly. I don't have the slightest clue what would cause this :) Any thoughts, suggestions?

    I have the same problem as a hunter ever since I installed this addon
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0
    I think my question got missed or noone cares either way im putting it up again

    Is there a way to have tooltips show up only OOC

    NO tooltips IN combat
    Tooltips when im OUT

    If not..........Feature request plz
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