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    posted a message on X-Perl 2.4.2 (unofficial)
    i've developed a bit of an issue with (i believe) xperl and raiding icons.
    one of our hunters designates mobs on most pulls. mages, locks, tanks, etc. 'own' a raid icon. our hunter(s) broadcasts the icons and a list appears in chat and also as a raid 'tell'.
    for some reason, i can see all of the other icons - and names associated with - but mine. my name shows up, but instead of seeing the orange ball, or yellow star (etc.) i see this: " Tinterface\targetingFrame\UI-RaidTargetingIcon_6:0 " .
    i wish i could be more complete, but i get no error report in bugsack...just the prior message over both chat and raid message followed by my name.
    any help will be greatly appreciated!
    and thanks for the time.
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    yes i am using it.
    at work now so can't test it..but thanks so much for the help and the quick response!!
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    posted a message on DrDamage - Official Thread
    had no issues till today's update.
    i have no tooltip info (drdamage) now and get this error:

    attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'castTime' (a nil value)'

    only thing(s) changed were Ace mods with the WoWAceUpdater.
    thanks for any help.

    rev. 37818
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    posted a message on AHsearch
    can't thank you enough for this!!!
    having been a long-time user of AHFavorites, complete with stored fav. limitations, i was sorely missing the function in TBC.
    for those of us who BUY as well as SELL regularly, this is a godsend. :)
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    posted a message on Request: Mass Auction
    don't mean to steal the thread from the original poster (so i apologize!) - but...Neriak, might it be possible to also include two functions into any AH mod you might develop? these two would be 1. a stored, dropdown first page 'favorites' search function (much like AHFavorites is/was), and 2. a 'price each' for stacked items up on AH (an old mod was indeed called 'Price Each').

    both of these greatly help those of use who regularly use the AH to buy as well as sell items.

    thanks for the time.
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