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    Hi all,

    Sorry for the complete 'noob' questions that follow, but I've only just switched to Pitbull (knew the concept a while back, but never got it to function the way I wanted). Downloaded the latest release and I must admit that it a lot easier to configure once you understand how the mod and its associated components are working.

    I'm having the following issues if anyone can help me find a post or the solution, I would really appreciate it!

    1. Can't see Hitpoints (or Health) on anyone. I'm using 2 separate layouts for Player / Party and somehow I've managed to mess it up and I can't find the right place to configure it. Tried fiddling around with a few options under Layout -> Texts -> Health but it doesn't agree to show up. :(

    2. I would like to use a different font for the styles instead of the default ones included. Can someone please teach me how to do this? :(

    3. All the bars are currently showing like a '3D pipe' or a horizontal cylinder if you would and I've seen a ton of people using the 'Flat' types. I'd like to have my bars showing like that, but I can't figure out where the option is to do it :(

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!


    p.s. Anyone has a link to any beginner's tutorial or something? I wasn't able to find anything in here :(
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    posted a message on Post cool PitBull layouts here!
    I've only just started using pitbull, so still learning the tools of the trade. A few quick requests if someone doesnt mind:

    Was anyone able to imitate the raid frames given in this pic?

    Also, I'd like to know what mod he/she is using for the bottom left side that's showing the FPS/Memory usage and time.

    A few posts before mine, a user has posted the layout that's similar, but doesn't seem to work in my resolution. Any help would be much appreciated :)
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