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    I've attached a transcription of Kel'Thuzad fight in german language and translated the localstrings (except phase3) into german.

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	phase_cmd = "phase",
    	phase_name = "Phasenwarnung",
    	phase_desc = "Warnt vor den verschiedenen Phasen.",
    	mc_cmd = "mindcontrol",
    	mc_name = "Gedankenkontrolle Warnung",
    	mc_desc = "Warnt, wenn Spieler von Gedankenkontrolle betroffen sind.",
    	fissure_cmd = "fissure",
    	fissure_name = "Schattenspalt Warnung",
    	fissure_desc = "Warnt vor Schattenspalt.",
    	frostblast_cmd = "frostblast",
    	frostblast_name = "Frostschlag Warnung",
    	frostblast_desc = "Warnt wenn Leute Frostschlag bekommen.",
    	detonate_cmd = "detonate",
    	detonate_name = "Detonierendes Mana Warnung",
    	detonate_desc = "Warnt vor Detonierendes Mana.",
    	detonateicon_cmd = "detonateicon",
    	detonateicon_name = "Schlachtzugicon bei Detonierung",
    	detonateicon_desc = "Plaziert ein Icon auf Spielern mit Detonierendes Mana.",
    	guardians_cmd = "guardians",
    	guardians_name = "Guardian Spawns",
    	guardians_desc = "Warn for incoming Icecrown Guardians in phase 3.",
    	mc_trigger1 = "Eure Seele gehört jetzt mir!",
    	mc_trigger2 = "Es gibt kein Entkommen!",
    	mc_warning = "Gedankenkontrolle!",
    	start_trigger = "Diener, Jünger, Soldaten der eisigen Finsternis! Folgt dem Ruf von Kel'Thuzad!",
    	start_warning = "Kel'Thuzad Encounter gestarted! ~5min bis er aktiv wird!",
    	start_bar = "Phase 2",
    	phase2_trigger = "Fleht um Gnade!",
    	phase2_warning = "Phase 2, Kel'Thuzad kommt!",
    	phase2_bar = "Kel'Thuzad aktiv!",
    	phase3_soon_warning = "Phase 3 bald!",
    	phase3_trigger = "Master, I require aid!",
    	phase3_warning = "Phase 3, Guardians in ~15sec!",
    	guardians_trigger = "Very well. Warriors of the frozen wastes, rise up! I command you to fight, kill and die for your master! Let none survive!",
    	guardians_warning = "Guardians incoming in ~10sec!",
    	guardians_bar = "Guardians incoming!",
    	fissure_trigger = "Kel'Thuzad wirkt Schattenspalt.",
    	fissure_warning = "Schattenspalt!",
    	frostblast_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von Frostschlag betroffen",
    	frostblast_warning = "Frostschlag!",
    	detonate_trigger = "^([^%s]+) ([^%s]+) von Detonierendes Mana betroffen",
    	detonate_bar = "Detonierendes Mana - ",
    	detonate_possible_bar = "Detonierendes Mana",
    	detonate_warning = " hat Detonierendes Mana!",
    	you = "Ihr",
    	are = "seid",
    } end )
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