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    Loving IceHUD so far. I just installed it yesterday and all was working fine (I grabbed all the files and directories from the SVN). It was working great last night, but today I started getting a message on all characters when I log in:

    Interface\AddOns\IceHUD\modules\CastBar.lua:2:Cannot find a library instance of SpellStatus.1.0.

    Needless to say the cast bar feature isn't working now. I do have two other mods that might impact the cast bar (Bongos and XPerl, I have the XPerl "Arcane Bar" disabled though). Very strange, because I changed nothing between last night and this morning (at least that I can recall). O_o Looking around though, the /libs directory at http://svn.wowace.com/wowace/trunk/IceHUD/ is empty. Which libs do I need to grab, if any?
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