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    posted a message on 4 columns problem
    You're only requesting 3 columns
    local tooltip = LibQTip:Acquire("FooBarTooltip", 3, "LEFT", "CENTER", "RIGHT")
    This would give you 4 columns
    local tooltip = LibQTip:Acquire("FooBarTooltip", 4, "LEFT", "CENTER", "RIGHT")
    The justification parameters are not the justification on the tool-tip, it's the justification within the cell on the tool-tip, entering only one justification will apply to all, so no need to put one for each unless you want it different. Left is the default justification, in my example I changed it to center.

    This should cover the ldb integration as well
    local ldb = LibStub:GetLibrary("LibDataBroker-1.1")
    local lqt = LibStub:GetLibrary('LibQTip-1.0')
    local dataobj = ldb:NewDataObject("Broker_PvPinfo", {
        type = "data source",
        icon = "Interface\\AddOns\\Broker_PvPinfo\\icon",
        text = ""
    local function dataobj:OnEnter()
        local tooltip = lqt:Acquire("PvPInfoTT", 4, "CENTER")
        self.tooltip = tooltip
        tooltip:AddHeader('Battleground', 'Won', 'Lost', 'Played')
        tooltip:AddLine('Alterac Valley',GetStatistic(49),GetStatistic(53) - GetStatistic(49),GetStatistic(53))
        tooltip:AddLine('Arathi Basin',GetStatistic(51),GetStatistic(55) - GetStatistic(51),GetStatistic(55))
    local function dataobj:OnLeave()
        if lqt:IsAcquired("PvPInfoTT")
            self.tooltip = nil
    Disclaimer: I've never used libQTip, so this may not work at all. It does however seem to be syntactically correct.
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    posted a message on FuBar_GuildFu
    After doing an SVN update of both guildfu and friendsfu (dunno if they're the same author?) I received these two identical errors (line ##s aside of course):

    Error: attempt to call method 'HasModule' (a nil value)
    AddOn: FuBar_FriendsFu
    File: FuBar_FriendsFu.lua
    Line: 222
    Count: 1
    Error: attempt to call method 'HasModule' (a nil value)
    AddOn: FuBar_GuildFu
    File: FuBar_GuildFu.lua
    Line: 304
    Count: 1

    I get that anytime I mouse over it to see whose on. Anyone know if it's some ancient option i still have or if another addon might be interfering with it?
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Bar layout design discussion
    A couple of things I'd love to see in BT3, (also in bartender2, nothing huge, really!), would be as follows: I'd love to see a smart self cast option. For example, if you're targeting an enemy, or nothing, a heal would automatically heal you, etc.. (I'm sure you all get the gist of it).

    Another thing I'd love to see... I'd love to see a way to perhaps, cast a different rank of a spell on, perhaps a right click, or alt/ctrl/shift/whatever click. This was something I did a while back when trying out flexbar. I'd have the full rank setup for left clicking, and on a right click for say, shaman shocks, I'd cast rank 1 (or any rank you wish of course, why not?). I also had a shared left/right click button for max rank lightning bolt and max rank chain lightning.

    Would any of this be possible? (the latter especially :>)
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    posted a message on OneBag 2.0.6026 [Released 7/28/2006]
    Quote from Kemayo »

    Quote from Nickenyfiken »

    Can you please make the frames higher, err what is it called. Higher layer level or something. As it is now oUF unitframes overlap OneBags. Or make an option to change it. :-)

    I want to second this. It's great to be able to set your inventory to be above the auction frame. As it is I always get to the auction house, open it up, realise the my inventory is covered, close it down, move my inventory to the bottom of the screen, and then get back to auctions.

    the frame strata?
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