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    This part of the code is historical. Back when 2.0 came out, there was a bug that was sometimes clearing the click behavior of the UnitFrame. Grid corrected that by making sure that the click behavior was kept to "target" if it had been set to nil. The code is still there, although the original bug does not occur anymore.

    I'm not sure why the change I made doesn't work correctly with Clique. It should not be an issue when casting a spell.

    Edit: I've just checked in game, and I can bind a cast to Leftclick without any problem, even after a reload.

    ok... I've figured out what the problem is.

    I have Fear Ward bound to Ctrl-Button4 in Clique. I noticed I hadn't clicked the "Max" button in Clique so the name of the Spell was "Fear Ward ()". This is somehow causing the left-click in Grid to default to targeting that unit. (Note: the default wow unit frames and also Pitbull frames aren't affected by the empty parentheses and cast Greater Heal)

    I'm almost certain I had Fear Ward setup this way prior to updating Grid yesterday so I think this issue was introduced in this latest version. Whether or not its considered a bug and is worth investigating is up to you since the name of the spell might be considered invalid.... I haven't yet gotten into coding addons yet so I don't know where the fault lies in this problem.

    thanks again
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    Quote from Jerry »

    After reflexion, there has been a change related to this. I use Clique but I kept left click as a mean to target the unit, so I wouldn't have seen this problem.

    What do you configure Clique to do on left-click ?

    I have Clique setup to cast Greater Heal (max rank) on left click.

    IMO, Grid should not override mouse clicks on its unit frame.

    BTW, thanks a ton for incorporating pets into grid!
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    Since updating Grid yesterday left-mouse-button clicking on a unit now targets that unit rather than firing the spell I have setup in Clique. This was working properly up until I updated Grid.

    Was this bug possbily introduced with the code merged in?

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    I have a couple requests for features (or info on how to do this if it's possible)

    - a setting to lock the item tooltips to a set location. It looks like the tooltip location is dependent on where the item is stored. I find it sorta frustrating trying to mouse over a category of items trying to compare them all.

    - show a tree (or just a list) of all the predefined and custom categories and allow them to toggle like the filters. If I want to compare all my neckpieces it'd be nice to just toggle that category on and all others off. (have a "select all" and "select none" as well)

    thanks and great addon!
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    aq frames not working with mobinfo2???
    i cant see the hp of the targets...
    i only see %...
    how can i see e.g. 2300/2300 100%??
    Get Mobhealth3 from the addon - beta link to the left.

    IS there anything special to do because i have both mobhealth3 and aguf updated and well it's not displaying hp.

    Read the wiki... http://wowace.com/wiki/Ag_UnitFrames

    I have mobhealth3 installed and I've tried all the [ag*hp] options, but I can't get it to show eg. 45k/60k (75%)

    It will show 45k (75%) using either the Health Text > Style > Absolute, or using Health Text > Custom > [aghp]
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