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    Quote from Emerie »

    Hi, I was wondering if there's anyway to have a sort of faded out shadow target frame, that would be visible even when I don't have a target.

    Why not doing the trick using 2 or 3 ee/kgPanels ?
    And the PitBull Target Frame (if exists) will be over the panels, but under the 3D-model.
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    Quote from dafire »

    did you try http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/ ? just read about that one .. not tried it yet

    It makes this job. I used it on a Mac with X11 and tried it on a VBox Ubuntu, but never tested it on a Windows machine with cgwin. You just have to open the font file and generate a new one using the correct type (here TrueType format).
    If you need I can convert them for you and send them by PM's.

    With this programm you can also modify the font file in order to have only lower case character, I thought it was Lyn or Pelim who tried to get lowercase typo for its UI, you just have to copy/paste lowercase to uppercase and it does the trick ;)
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    Quote from cramouche »


    I have typed both /kgpanels config and /kgpanels configuration

    Nothing happen !

    Perhaps another ace addon diturbs kgpanels ?

    Give a try to
    /kgpanels Configuration

    But it seems that the command is case-sensitive, so respect the capital C.

    And in french:
    le C de la commande de configuration est sensible ? la casse (Majuscule), il faut donc saisir la commande indiqu?e, mais en respectant les majuscules/minuscules.
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    posted a message on Chatter- Ace3 chat mod (was Chatterbox)
    yes, sorry, I was updating the addon during I wrote this... sorry ;)
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    Quote from Antiarc »

    It's awaiting localization in the Localization/frFR.lua file. Generally, localizers will update these files en masse.

    I just have a look to the enUS localization file, there is nothing that attempt to be translated for these channels, how can we provide you translation ? what can be translated or not ?
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    100000000000000000000000000000000000000 thanks !

    I didn't how to make this, and was tired too to update the *.lua after each update!
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    posted a message on AltClickToAddItem
    thank's... the only thing that make me still use CTmod...

    Thank you !!
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    posted a message on Prat: Chat Mod Framework
    Quote from krtek »

    Quote from Silencer »

    I want the left chat channel to have on left side buttonz and i want right channelz to have button on right side. And I don't see anywere options for that :(

    If you don't select the "move button" option, buttons are on their default position. So it's exactly what you want. Otherwise, you can delete the buttons modules to have the default behavior for the chat buttons. And finally, you can provide a patch if you want :D

    i'd like to have the buttons on the left, and tried many time the command line "/prat button moveBottomButton" and no effects...
    But i'got an idea to try something, and it works !
    Enter the command line as suggested, then loggout and log back on, the buttons are on the left...
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