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    Quote from darkstrydar
    ....So I've tried disabling AchievementUI and Alert Frames under the player frames options but no matter how many times i disable them they always re-enable themselves after i /reloadui or relog or restart the game. I hit the big disable all player character frames button and it disabled all options under player frames but when i did /reloadui, relog or restart AchievementUI and Alter Frames re-enabled themselves and everything else stayed disabled. When i completely disable skinner my achievements alert pop up shows up just fine, but not when skinner is active.

    If anyone has figured out a way around this any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

    I have the exact same issue. No matter what dance I do with the unchecking/disabling, AchievementUI and Alert Frames continue to re-enable/check themselves.
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    So thank you, incredibly much, for this map mod. Feels so much better than Cart or Cart 3. Just ... simpler.. easier.

    There is, however, one tiny thing I miss having and that would be Fishing notes (as in what level fishing is required for a particular zone). Silly I know.
    Gathermate doesn't offer these notes. Does anyone know if there another add on out there that will insert these notes into Mapster?
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    I'm not sure if this is effecting FuBar or Cartographer, but since they both use the LibRockEvent 1.0 and it was after updating them both (via the install.bat) to Cart1 and FuBar2 that I began gettiing this error, I figure I'll start here.

    To clarify: I updated with the lastest versions for Cartographer and FuBar for patch day about an hour ago. Then I installed FuBar2 and Cartographer1 to overwrite. I did not delete anything in either of the base add-on folders. On log-in I receive the error message Cannot Find LibRockEvent 1.0 - both the original cartographer and original fubar folders have LibRockEvent 1.0.

    Does it need to be added into Cartpgrapher1 and FuBar2 also?

    What am I missing here?
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